“After Instagram and Facebook, Twitter is releasing its retrospective of the year 2014 on Wednesday. The 140-character social network has established itself as an actor in the news with events such as“ Bring Back Our Girls ”, the Sochi Olympics , the umbrellas of Hong Kong or the incredible photos taken from the International Space Station. "

Source: BFMTV


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Imagine the resolutions for the year 2015 of several personalities;
- Discuss the program Bye bye 2014 and watch the best sketches;
- Consult social media to trace viral phenomena.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Good resolutions

First, ask the students if they have any resolutions for this new year that is beginning.

Invite students to imagine what the resolutions of the personalities presented in the following table might be. First, they will have to indicate information about the personality and then, they will have to indicate a resolution.

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ACTIVITY 2: 2014 in humor

Ask students if they watched the Bye bye on television on the evening of December 31. What were the best sketches according to them?

Invite students to review (or discover) these different Bye bye segments on the Radio-Canada website.

Finally, have the students read the reviews of this end-of-year show and write one of their own.

For further

Throughout 2014, social media featured all kinds of viral phenomena. Invite the students to consult different platforms such as Facebook or Twitter in order to trace these phenomena.

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