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"Fashion is in the" ugly sweater "that we assume with derision, but also distinction! A fashion coming straight from across the Atlantic, of course: the "ugly sweaters" are these Christmas knits made by mum or granny, decked out with a big reindeer or big snowflakes, and that we wear only to please them. . "

Source: The voice of the North

"Proof that fashion is not running out of steam, a search on Google Trends shows that the search, in English, for" Christmas sweater "and" ugly Christmas sweater "is on the increase."

Source: La Presse

The activities proposed in this teaching guide will allow students to discover in more detail the tradition of sweater more and more popular all over the world.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Know the details surrounding the International Christmas Sweater Day;
- Name the advantages related to this trend for charities;
- Document the evolution of the ugly sweater over the years;
- Create an ugly Christmas sweater in a virtual or real way;

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: World Christmas Sweaters Day

The 2016 edition of Christmas Sweater Day will take place on Friday, December 16. The site of National ugly sweater day even displays an official count!

Introduce this headline explaining how the ugly Christmas sweater is celebrated during the month of December. Moreover, on the occasion of Christmas Jumper day, even the wax figures of the British royal family wear their kitsch sweater.

Start a discussion with the students following the readings.

Here are some questions:

- How did you hear about ugly Christmas sweaters the first time?
- What are the advantages linked to this popular movement?
- What are the drawbacks linked to this popular movement?
- How to participate in the movement without spending anything?
- What other ugly traditions do you know?
- Etc.

ACTIVITY 2: The soaring ugly sweater

Start this activity by presenting this item by Slate who explains the factors that have influenced the growing popularity of these knitwear sweaters.

Also read this text presenting the origin of this fashion which dates back to the early 2000s in Canada. The history of the sweater Christmas can also be a good source of information as well as the website of French Morning.

Invite students to retrace the main stages of this tradition since the 1980s. Invite them to write their findings in this gate of consignment in order to facilitate the return in large group.

ACTIVITY 3: An original Christmas sweater

Begin this activity by presenting this publicity of a fast food chain.
Invite students to create their own ugly Christmas sweater. They could use different virtual generators, like the one in the site Sweater generator, or else make it themselves with various materials.

For further

Share the photo of your Christmas sweater on Instagram, you can add the hashtags #JDPN, #JDPN16, #journéedupulldenoel and #UglyChristmasSweaterDay.

Create cards Christmas electronics by adding your personal images. Several sites require registration in order to share eCards.

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