Michael Schumacher: his condition is still worrying

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German Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher is still in a coma more than 3 weeks after his skiing accident, where his head violently hit a rock.

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“Michael Schumacher was the victim of a heavy fall on skis on Sunday, December 29 when he was engaged in an off-piste sector of the resort of Méribel, in Savoie (French Alps), in the company of his son and a group of friends. His head hit a rock hard. "
Source: La Presse
“Even if hope remains, the more the weeks go by, the more the chances of seeing Michael Schumacher's state of health improve tend to diminish,” say the neurosurgeons. "
“If this has not already been done, the doctors of the Grenoble University Hospital should try in the coming days to lift the coma by stopping artificial respiration in particular. A process that aims “To observe whether the brain is able to take over from the machines to ensure spontaneous breathing. When this is the case, doctors can then assess whether the person in the coma is in a vegetative state or in a minimal state of consciousness. In the latter case, the brain manifests certain reactions to the environment and the chances of coming out of a coma are better ”, says Jean-Marc Orgogozo. "
Source: Le Figaro
The following activities will allow students to learn about this current event and reflect on the importance of safety in the practice of sport.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Consult various sources of information to learn about a news event;
- Identify the important elements of a text to complete a conceptual diagram summarizing the news;
- Locate different places linked to Michael Schumacher's accident;
- Telling orally a mishap that happened to him and identifying the causes and preventive measures that would have made it possible to avoid the worst;

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Learn about the news

First, ask the students if they have heard of racing car driver Michael Schumacher's ski accident during the holiday break. Use their memory to try to complete the following diagram together:

Click on the image to enlarge.
Download the file in Inspiration (.isf) format
Download the file in PDF format (.pdf)

Then, give them time (homework or on-site) to consult different sources of information in order to develop the diagram by adding important information to it. Without giving any indication of the quantity of information to add, evaluate the effort and the quality of the synthesis.
Possible sources:
Michael Schumacher's state of health has not changed, La Presse, January 17, 2014
Schumacher accident: justice rules out any external liability, La Presse, January 8, 2014
Time is on Schumacher, Le Figaro, January 22, 2014
Michael Schumacher: Skiing accident, Wikipedia

ACTIVITY 2: To better situate yourself

Offer the following list of places to the students and ask them to research their location and how they relate to Michael Schumacher's accident:
- Albertville
- Grenoble
- Méribel
- Chamonix
Give them free rein in how to present the results.
- Annotate Google maps on the interactive whiteboard by explaining the links orally;
- Make an explanatory poster (on paper or on the computer);
- Present everything in a table using word processing software, taking care to integrate geographic images;
- Record a mini news bulletin by filming yourself using a mobile tablet;
- Etc.

ACTIVITY 3: Nothing like a testimony ...

Ask volunteer students to tell about a bad experience they had while playing sports. For each situation, try to emphasize safety and ways to avoid injury or other mishaps.

For further

Draw a parallel between the accident of Michael Schumacher, unrelated to his profession, and the one that cost the life of American actor Paul Walker.
Make a biography of the German racing driver.

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