“More flexible, lighter and packed with new technologies, these costumes will be used by future astronauts who will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) thanks to the spacecraft. Starliner. "

Source: HuffingtonPost

“These new suits are much better than those used in the flights of the old US Space Shuttle. They weigh 9 kg, are also more flexible, their visor is wider and the gloves allow the use of touch screens. The body of astronauts also breathes better there thanks to a ventilation system. "

Source: HuffingtonPost

The activities in this guide will allow students to familiarize themselves with the profession of astronauts, space missions and the Starliner orbital capsule.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Identify the different parts of a spacesuit;
- Name the hiring criteria for the profession of astronaut;
- Explain the components of the Boeing Starliner spaceship suit;
- Create a quiz related to a space mission.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Boeing Starliner

Begin this activity by presenting students with this infographics presenting the different components that will be used in the space suit of the astronauts of the orbital capsule of CST-100 from Boeing.

Continue by questioning the students in order to better understand their current knowledge of astronauts. Ask them if anyone can become an astronaut, do you have to speak a particular language to do this job, etc.
Post this Game questionnaire to learn more about the profession of astronaut.

ACTIVITY 2: Space suits

Have students walk through the gallery images from the Canadian Space Agency to choose a spacesuit of their choice for this activity.

Invite students to make an interactive picture to note the different parts of their spacesuit. Suggest that they use the ThingLink or with in order to insert their image as well as the clickable zones.

Present students' creations in a large group and have students verbalize the differences and similarities of different space suits over the years.

ACTIVITY 3: Space missions

Begin this activity by asking students to name different space missions including they have heard about it in the past, in movies or through their readings.
Continue by presenting this compilation previous space missions which summarizes the names of the astronauts, the names of the missions, the dates as well as the launch vehicle.

Invite students to take an interactive quiz, related to their space mission, using the site Kahoot!

On this grid, invite them to write down their questions along with four answer choices that they will submit to complete their interactive quiz.

For further

Make use of the different files from the Canadian Space Agency.

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