Adventurer Frédéric Dion reaches central Antarctica solo

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After 2100 kilometers traveled alone in Antarctica, Frédéric Dion became on Monday December 15 the first man to reach the South Pole alone. Let's take a closer look at this feat.

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“Frédéric Dion can say mission accomplished. After having faced temperatures below -50 ° Celsius, frostbite, major equipment failure, a blizzard with winds of 150 km / h and a fire that nearly burned his tent, he managed to reach the center of Antarctica (south pole of inaccessibility). He becomes the first person in the world to reach this remote corner of the planet alone, in record time. ”
Source: La Presse
The following activities will allow you to better understand the feat accomplished by the adventurer Frédéric Dion.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Understand how Frédéric Dion reached the center of Antarctica;
- Observe the number of kilometers traveled each day and perform calculations with this data;
- Compare the feat of Frédéric Dion with that of Manon Ossevoort who reached the South Pole by tractor and that of Mylène Paquette;
- Follow on Facebook and on Frédéric Dion's blog his journey which continues to the South Pole.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Solo Antarctica

First, ask the students if they have heard of the feat accomplished by adventurer Frédéric Dion. In order for them to find out what it is, invite them to read the following headline:
Frédéric Dion becomes the first man to reach central Antarctica solo
La Presse, December 16, 2014
Then, as a whole class, locate the place reached by the adventurer on a map of Antarctica. Ask students the following questions to verify their understanding of the feat.
- How did the adventurer get around?
- How many kilograms did his luggage weigh?
- How does Frédéric Dion communicate with his family and the media?
- What is the name of the geographical place which represents the center of Antarctica? In how many days did Frédéric Dion reach this place? What remains did he find there?
- Why did he decide to continue his journey to the geographic South Pole?
- Frédéric Dion is an ambassador for which organization?
- What were the difficulties encountered by the adventurer? How did he overcome them?

ACTIVITY 2: A long journey

Frédéric Dion traveled hundreds of kilometers alone in Antarctica.
In order to see the distances traveled, invite the students to consult the summary table of the journey available on the home page of the Frédéric Dion's website.
Have students perform various calculations using the data in this table. They will have to calculate:
- The actual total distance traveled
- The total distance that had been calculated by the adventurer
- The average number of kilometers traveled per day
- The mode (the most frequent data in the table)
- The median (the midpoint of all the data)
You could also ask students to work on measures of dispersion:
- The extent
- The extent of the quarters
- The interquartile range
- The average deviation
- The standard deviation
- The variance

ACTIVITY 3: Achievements in Antarctica

Invite students to find out what other South Pole feat has been achieved recently. Give students the following clue so that they can search the web for the event in question: tractor.
Have students draw a comparison chart of two recent feats in Antarctica. The following diagram can be used.

Click on the image to enlarge.
Download the source file in Inspiration (.isf) format
Download the file in PDF format (.pdf)

Finally, ask the students to complete the diagram again, but this time by comparing Frédéric Dion's journey with that accomplished by Mylène Paquette and her crossing the Atlantic by oar.

For further

The adventure continues for Frédéric Dion. He is now heading to the South Pole, where he can accomplish a new feat. By the end of his journey, follow his progress on his page Facebook and on his blog. As a whole class, comment on their posts to encourage them.

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