Burundi has been shaken for some time by popular demonstrations aimed at preventing the outgoing president from running for a third term, which goes against the country's constitution.

“According to a spokesperson for the Burundian community in Montreal, Amilcar Ryumeko, the outgoing president does not respect the Arusha Accord for peace and reconciliation in Burundi, signed on August 28, 2000. An article states that '' void cannot serve more than two consecutive presidential terms. '' Many voices, organizations of Burundian civil society, churches and foreign diplomacy, have spoken out against this candidacy considered illegal. "

Source: News.com

“In Burundi, after a month of protest against Pierre Nkurunziza's candidacy for a third term, the situation is completely blocked. The opposition and civil society have suspended their participation in the dialogue with the government and are calling for new demonstrations. How to get out of the deadlock? "

Source: RFI.fr

The following activities will allow students to learn more about the current situation in Burundi.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Understand current events in Burundi;
- Understand the causes of unrest in Burundi;
- Determine the socio-political realities of the country;
- Know the significant facts in the history of the country;
- Understand the usefulness of social media in disseminating information

Suggested activities

ACTIVITY 1: The crisis in Burundi

As a group, read this item explaining the causes of the popular crisis in Burundi.

- Then ask the students if they can explain the trigger.
- Have they heard of Burundi in the media lately?
To give them a better idea of the situation, you can also visualize this video.
- What should we understand about the situation?
- According to their knowledge, can Burundi come out of the crisis on its own, or will it need international assistance?

ACTIVITY 2: Burundi?

Small country of 28,000km2 and more than 10 million inhabitants, Burundi deserves to be a little better known.

Alone or in a team, ask the students to complete the following questionnaire concerning the main characteristics of Burundi:

Download the file in Word format (.docx)
Download the file in PDF format (.pdf)
Download the answer key in PDF format (.pdf)

ACTIVITY 3: The 2.0 of the event

Using Twitter and the following hashtags (#burundi, #freeburundi and #StopNkurunzinza), help people discover the importance of communication.

  • Is the solidarity movement for Burundi via social media new?
  • Are they able to see a resemblance between this movement and these:

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