Facebook, 10 years old already: stop or still?

The renowned social networking platform Facebook has been part of our daily life for 10 years now. Let's take a closer look at why this modern day medium is so popular.

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“Numbers are his best advocate. Mark Zuckerberg silenced his critics for a moment. The founder of the world's leading social network once again presented spectacular annual results on Wednesday January 29, 2014. "
Source: The world
Several media had predicted his death when he was born but Facebook is now in a class of its own. "10 years that "The flattering machine" has changed the daily lives of one in six people on the planet. With 1.23 billion friends, Facebook has become the crossroads of the global audience, both global media and universal digital directory, the social network is also an economic power, a turnover of 7.87 billion dollars for a net profit of 1.5 billion dollars. "
Source: Huffington Post
The following activities will help to better understand the milestones surrounding the 10 years of this most visited website in the world after the Google search engine.
Source: Wikipedia


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Understand the impact of Facebook on society;
- Discover the milestones in the rise of Facebook;
- Identify the extent of social media in the world;
- Identify happy and unhappy situations related to social media;
- Develop a retrospective of 10 academic learning acquired in 2013;
- Identify the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook in interpersonal communications.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: All about Facebook

Present the following headline to your students, then read it together in order to fully understand the extent of the Facebook phenomenon on the Web.
Facebook, an increasingly profitable machine
Le Monde, January 30, 2014
Start a period of group discussion in order to better understand your students' real knowledge, their perceptions and give them a forum so that they can share their personal experiences if they feel the need.
Display the accompanying TBI file for this activity to record ideas submitted during discussions. You could print, or save, everything for recording in student portfolios.

Download the file in ActivInspire format (.flipchart)
Download the file in SMART Notebook (.notebook) format
Download the file in PDF format (.pdf)
No BIT? Download the SMART Notebook version and open it using
of the online application SMART Notebook Express.

Post each of the ten questions to stimulate a discussion on this social phenomenon which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.
Here are the 10 questions proposed in the accompanying file:
1. What do you know about Facebook?
2. Do you know of any other social media? Which?
3. Why do you think social media is so popular?
4. Do you use social media? For what reasons, what uses do you make of it?
5. Describe a situation where Facebook could be put to good use.
6. Describe a situation where Facebook could be used dishonestly.
7. Have you ever experienced unpleasant situations on social media?
8. Have you ever experienced happy situations thanks to social media?
9. In your opinion, what would be the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook in interpersonal and social communications?
10. Do you think Facebook will be as popular in 10 years?

ACTIVITY 2: Your 2013 academic retrospective!

First, ask the students what they know about the video retrospective “LoopBack” that Facebook recently offered to its users.
Introduce your students this real fact of a father who claimed this famous Facebook retrospective following the death of his son. None of this family had the credentials for the deceased's Facebook account, but the Father's Cry from the Heart quickly went viral on the web, helping to end this story happily. The family eventually recovered the retrospective of the missing son.
Suggest that your students do a retrospective of the academic learning they have achieved since the last school year or over the past 10 years, or even since entering high school ...
Distribute a copy of the sheet Your retrospective (.pdf)  so that students can choose the highlights that will be detailed in this activity.

Download the file in PDF format (.pdf)

Here are some variations for this activity:
- From your birth until your 10 years old;
- Your next 10 years;
- World events of the last 10 years;
- Etc.


Make a retrospective video in software like photoreport or Animoto, which allow you to add photos to make a video as a final product.
Carry out a retrospective using the Facebook journal as a starting template (see example Facebook's Facebook). With the help of drawing software that enables screenshots, students could invent their own Facebook news feed. Then assemble the photos and other elements in software with layers (overlay of elements), such as the site Sumo paint permits.

ACTIVITY 3: Facebook in 10 key dates

Here, students will learn more about the main reasons and actions that made Facebook so popular. this social phenomenon which has been going on for a decade now.
Ask your students to name what they think Facebook has taken over the years to climb to the top of the social media charts, and then write their ideas on the board.
Second, in the whole class, present the slide show Facebook in 10 key dates, which presents the 10 most striking facts of this social network.
Compare the key dates listed in the slide show, with the students' assumptions. Point out the similarities and differences between their original ideas and the real facts.
Finish this activity by watching the image gallery demonstrating the most popular topics in a dozen different countries.

For further

Hear, in the following story, some young teens share their personal, seldom joyful experiences with their use of Facebook.
Warning: harsh and raw language from the children interviewed.
Facebook, not very clear with teenagers
RTS, August 30, 2012

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