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Are Teens Drinking Too Much Alcohol? THE'Quebec survey on tobacco, alcohol, drugs and gambling among high school students (2006) revealed some disturbing things. For example, although the majority of adolescents are occasional drinkers, that is, 1 drink or less per month, two-thirds of those who drink more regularly have binge drinking:

“Among adolescents, moderation is unfortunately not there. On the contrary, their consumption is characterized by the absorption of large quantities of alcohol on the same occasion, which is corroborated by several European and American surveys. Among Quebec high school students who say they have consumed alcohol in the past twelve months, 67.4 % for boys and 64.6 % for girls had five or more drinks on a single occasion. By way of comparison, 50 % of alcohol consumers in the Quebec adult population say they consume excessively at least once a year. "

Source: Educ'alcool
At the end of 2011, a survey carried out in France by OpinionWay among 557 fathers and mothers of school-going children showed that alcohol consumption among young people is a matter of concern for 83 % of them. If they are more confident for their children, they are aware that alcohol consumption among young people has increased, especially among younger (college students) and girls.
Excess alcohol is not trivial and involves very significant risks. Let's go see which ones ...


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- know the immediate effects of alcohol;
- explain the effects of alcohol on driving;
- know what the Evin law and the Zero Tolerance program are;
- describe the dangers of alcohol on health.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: To introduce the subject

Educ'alcool "Two three four zero" videos
Watch these videos on YouTube with the students to introduce your activities. Ask them to be attentive and then to re-explain the concept and meaning of “2-3-4-0”.

ACTIVITY 2: The Effects of Alcohol

Using Internet research or their current knowledge, invite students to answer these questions about alcohol and its effects:
- What unpleasant effects can accompany the state of intoxication?
- What are the immediate physiological and behavioral effects?
- What are the effects of alcohol on an empty stomach?
- Are the effects of alcohol the same for everyone?
- What is ethyl coma?
- What is the only solution to lower his blood alcohol level?
- What is the legal blood alcohol level authorized for driving? Is it the same everywhere?
- What are the effects of alcohol on the driver?
- What Evin law?
- What is the policy " Zero tolerance "?
Ask the students to test this breathalyzer online by inventing drinks… The results may surprise them!
Blood alcohol level calculator by Educ'alcool

ACTIVITY 3: Health hazards

We often hear that alcohol should be consumed in moderation, that abuse is dangerous for health. But do you really know the health consequences of alcohol?
Invite your students to read the dossier on the Futura Sciences and / or the one on Health Passport devoted to the effects of alcohol on health and to complete the diagram below. They can supplement it using their own research on the Internet. Ask them to identify their sources.
Download the file in PDF format (.pdf)

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