Celebrities have their intimate photos hacked

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A few days ago, private photos of naked celebrities were stolen and then posted on the internet. Let's see why such an event happened and how to avoid such situations.

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“Privileged targets of computer hackers, many celebrities have one day had the bad surprise of discovering intimate pictures in which they appear naked, disclosed on the Internet. Scarlett Johansson, Christina Hendricks but also Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna or Kate Upton have not escaped. "
Source: L'
The following activities will help you better understand the importance of adopting safe behaviors on the Internet and social media.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Understand the scandal of pirated photos of several celebrities;
- Name applications for sharing photos or videos;
- Reflect on its practices regarding social media, sharing applications and cell phone use;
- Identify the threats of different applications as well as the measures to be taken in order to minimize the risks of hacking.
- Design an awareness campaign to adopt good practices with social networks and applications allowing the sharing of photos and videos.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Analyze the news

First, ask students if they know anything about what has rocked Hollywood lately. What do they know about pirating intimate photos of Hollywood stars?
Invite them to read the following articles in order to become familiar with the event in question.
Article 1
Hacked photos of naked American stars circulating on the internet
Released on Radio-Canada, September 01, 2014.
Article 2
How stolen celebrity photos spread online
Published in Le Figaro, September 5, 2014.
For each article, ask students to say what it mainly talks about. For example, they can summarize them in a short paragraph. Then ask them the following questions:
About how many celebrities have had their intimate photos hacked?
What type of account would have been hacked?
Who is investigating this theft of photographs?
Finally, ask students to find articles on the web chronicling the reactions of the celebrities involved in this scandal.

ACTIVITY 2: Evaluate your practices

Before starting the activity, ask students if they can name any social media and / or apps where it is possible to share photographs. According to them, are these sites or applications safe?
Now invite the students to reflect on their practice on social media and also with photo sharing apps.
For each of the following elements, they must identify the threats as well as the means to be taken in order to minimize the risks of hacking.
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Smartphone
- Instagram
- Snapchat
- Dropbox
Students can build a table to write down threats and actions to take for each item.
Finally, take a few minutes to review this article by François Charron which explains the risks associated with the use of applications application which allows to share photos and videos which self-destruct a few seconds after their reception.

For further

Organize an awareness campaign on the importance of adopting good practices with social networks and applications allowing the sharing of photos and videos. Students could create a brochure, a video capsule or even a poster to educate their classmates. Give them the freedom to use whatever medium they want.

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