“Published in 1963 by Pierre Boulle, The Planet of the Apes, inspired by Darwin's theory of evolution, tells the story of three adventurers who explore a distant planet on which primates dominate mankind. "

Source: Le Figaro

" The Planet of the Apes, a cult film from the past, “had had difficulty putting together but nevertheless benefited from a large audience. He was one of the first to generate derivative products on a large scale. He also popularized the suites, with four new parts between 1970 and 1973. "

Source: Le Figaro

The activities in this guide will allow students to familiarize themselves with the different components of the cult film of the Planet of the Apes, Darwin's theory on which the novel was inspired as well as on the evolution of species.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Understand Darwin's theory of evolution;
- Name the different productions related to the Planet of the Apes;
- Explain different theories on the evolution of species;
- Know the craze for the films of the series and its derivative products;
- Create a graphic organizer based on a theory of the species of your choice.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Planet of the Apes

Begin this activity by asking students if they have ever seen a Planet of the Apes movie or television series.

In a large group, explore the synopsis different films and also present the trailer from the next upcoming film named Planet of the Apes - Supremacy.

ACTIVITY 2: Darwin and his theory of evolution

Ask students if they have ever heard of theory that the human being descended from the monkey.

Although several theories have been put forward over the years, different cultural references are more entrenched than others. For the general culture of the pupils, the theory of evolution according to Darwin will be explored in this activity.

Present the Animation Film next and ask students to respond to the questionnaire related to Darwin's theory of evolution.

ACTIVITY 3: The evolution of species

Begin this activity by presenting the students with the complete file from the National Center for Educational Documentation ( CNDP) in connection with the evolution of species.

Have students choose one of the different theories to summarize and share with students in the class. They will be able to choose from the following 5 categories of theories:

    1. The history of life and history of the Earth
    2. History of the theory of evolution
    3. In search of kinship
    4. Mechanisms of evolution
    5. The evolution of man
    6. The method of study of scientists

Invite the students to make a flowchart with the help of the site Picktochart and present them creations at the end of the activity.

For further

Invent a quiz related to the different characters from the Planet of the Apes saga.

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