Dany Laferrière elected to the French Academy

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Dany Laferrière is now immortal. The Quebec writer of Haitian origin was elected on Thursday, December 12, 2013 to the Académie française, joining at the same time a number of “immortals” - a term used to designate the members of the prestigious institution - with equally well-known names and works. as Victor Hugo, Corneille, Jean de La Fontaine and Eugene Ionesco.
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What a precedent!
For the first time in the history of the Académie française, a Quebecer of Haitian origin entered the prestigious institution.
The news of his entry into the Académie Française sparked strong reactions, both in the province and in Haiti, where several people congratulated the Quebec writer.
Audio interview at Radio-Canada
Radio-Canada video report and article
Article from La Presse
Article from Les Échos
Article from the Nouvel Observateur
The following activities will provide a better understanding of who Dany Laferrière is, his work, and the road traveled until this appointment.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Get to know the writer better, his main works and his career;
- Talk about his country of origin, locate it and name some of its characteristics;
- Share your knowledge about the French Academy;
- Recognize the role and functions of this institution;
- Understand the reactions of pride of Quebecers and Haitians following this appointment;
- Express your point of view with regard to it.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Who is Dany Laferrière?

Before discussing the subject of his appointment to the Académie française, invite the students to discover this author:

Click on image to enlarge.
Download the source file in Inspiration (.isf) format
Download the file in PDF format

Ask students what they already know about this author.
Explain to them that this one set a precedent that will make it history.
Individually or in teams, the students must find the information relating to them and discuss their journey, from their native Haiti.
Suggested sources of information:
* Dany Laferrière elected to the French Academy, La Presse, December 12, 2013
* Dany Laferriere, Wikipedia
* Bio-bibliography, Editions Boréal
* Works by Dany Laferrière

ACTIVITY 2: What do we know about Haiti?

For general information about Haiti, ask a few students to find the answers to the following questions on the Internet and present them to the whole group so that everyone can locate and know a little more about this country.

  • What is at the origin of the creation of the Republic of Haiti, in 1804?
  • Where exactly is this country located?
  • What nickname do we give him?
  • What natural disaster did Haiti fall victim to in 2010?
  • Any other relevant and / or surprising information related to this country ...


ACTIVITY 3: What is the Académie française?

Ask students what they already know about the Académie française.
Then invite them to read the following texts:
Article 1
What is the Académie française?
Source: Wikipedia
Article 2
His history
Source: French Academy website
After reading the different texts, what new information have you just discovered?
Discuss this, in order to complete the following mind map together:

Click on image to enlarge.
Download the source file in Inspiration (.isf) format
Download the file in PDF format

Second, as a whole class, learn about the different reactions related to this appointment:
The reactions on social networks (Radio-Canada)
Other reactions ... (The duty)

For further

Watch as a group the video : Dany Laferrière, The enigma of the return
Research, and share information about certain other "immortals", such as Victor Hugo, Corneille, Jean de La Fontaine and Eugene Ionesco, for example

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