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The À la rencontre de... series allows teachers to introduce their students to certain personalities. Today, we take a look at the career of author, composer and performer Roxane Bruneau, who is known for her frankness, authenticity and humour.
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First known on YouTube before breaking into the Quebec music scene, Roxane Bruneau, author, composer and performer, is a very popular woman on social networks and very close to her public, whom she affectionately calls her "cocos". At 31 years old, she is known for her honesty, authenticity and humor.

"When she talks about her fans, Roxane Bruneau prefers to say her "co-conspirators." "Because fansIt puts me on such an unrelated pedestal. I'm still doing ben nothing but music!" She also finds that Coco is "too small for them." "It's more like an army. An army of warrior soldiers, like." "

Source : La Presse

She also mentions several times in her interviews that one of her main fears is "coming down as fast as she went up", so she doesn't take her success for granted. 

"The title of my album "Acrophobia" refers to the fear of heights, and also refers to how I felt when I saw my first album get much more success than I expected. I went up very high, very fast, and now I'm afraid to come down just as fast. But the fear of it all coming to an end gives me the adrenaline to keep going. I don't want to be the flavor of the month; I want to last.

Source : TVA Nouvelles 

The song C'est n'importe quoi (Oulalala) represents her closeness to her public, as she takes comments received via social networks and turns them into a song.

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