The Trifluvien Patrick Charlebois started the World Marathon Challenge 2017 on Monday. He hopes to complete the challenge's seven marathons, located on seven continents, in seven days. He is the first Canadian to enter this competition.

“Patrick Charlebois' week will be very busy. After the Antarctic marathon, he will fly with the other participants to Punta Arenas in Chile (South America), then to Miami in the United States (North America), Madrid in Spain (Europe), Marrakech in Morocco (Africa), Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (Asia) to finally finish the challenge in Sydney in Australia (Oceania). If he manages to complete this extreme challenge, the Trifluvien will have run a marathon per continent at the end of the week. "

Source: Le Nouvelliste

“In all, it's 295 km of running, 59 hours and 38,000 km of air travel, 19 time zones, seven pairs of shoes and…“ a lot of blisters! ” who await the father of the family on this journey around the world. "

Source: Le Nouvelliste

Through the next activities, the students will discover the journey of Patrick Charlebois as well as his motivations.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Know the origins of the marathon;
- Understand what the World Marathon Challenge is;
- Identify the 7 continents and locate the 7 marathons of the World Marathon Challenge on a world map;
- Know the major annual marathon races;
- Name other major exploits recently accomplished by Quebecers.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Run a marathon per day for 7 days

To start the activity, ask students if they know the distance of a marathon. What is it referring to? If necessary, tell students about the legend of the Greek messenger Philippides, who would have traveled the distance from Marathon to Athens to announce victory against the Persians in 490 BC. Also explain that after running the 42 kilometers, Philippides died of exhaustion.

Nowadays, many running enthusiasts participate in marathons and of course, this requires special training. Marathons are organized around the world. There is even a challenge called the World Marathon Challenge where you have to run one marathon per day for 7 days, on 7 continents. Tell the students that a man from Trois-Rivières, Patrick Charlebois, is taking up this impressive challenge these days.
To learn more about World Marathon Challenge and the Trifluvien who takes part in it, as a whole class read this article from RDS and answer the questions below:

- What type of runner is Patrick Charlebois?
- What are his achievements as a runner?
- What is his best time to complete a marathon?
- When did he decide to register for the World Marathon Challenge? Why?
- How many participants are there in the World Marathon Challenge?
- How long does the trip last?
- How did Patrick Charlebois train to meet this challenge?
- What are the elements that the runner must watch closely during his challenge in order to guarantee his success?
- Does the runner plan to win the competition? Why?

ACTIVITY 2: 7 days, 7 marathons, 7 continents

In order to understand Patrick Charlebois' journey around the world, as a whole class, locate on a world map each of the marathons to be completed.

If you have an Activboard interactive digital whiteboard, use the overview board below.

First, identify each of the continents represented on the map. Then place each marathon on the correct continent and finally write down the order in which the races are performed.

Download the file in ActivInspire format (.flipchart)
Download the file in PDF format (.pdf)

ACTIVITY 3: Famous marathons

What are the most prestigious marathons? To discover them, as a whole class, visit the website World Marathon Majors.

Then ask the students to write questions based on the information provided on the website, such as: Which marathon has the most spectators?

Finally, select ten questions to create a quiz for the students.

For further

As a whole class, list other Quebecers who have noted remarkable achievements in recent years.

The SCOOP sheets! following might help you:

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