Tattoos: beyond fashion!

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Tattoos no longer need presentation: one in five people in Canada wears at least one and more and more major events celebrate the diversity of this colorful form of expression. Look at a phenomenon which goes beyond fashion and which is very present in all spheres of our society.

A guide from Annik Gilbert

Long criticized by the social norm, tattooing has carved out a place for itself in Western societies over the past decade. Given the scale of the phenomenon in Canada (20% of people are tattooed), more and more resources are available to help the population make the right choices and take the necessary precautions, whether before, during or after a new tattoo. On the other hand, no strict standards are in place for the moment regarding the ink used for tattooing other than the general regulations on cosmetics from Health Canada. In this sense, a report was aired recently about the potential dangers of tattoo inks; although no direct link has yet been made between tattoo ink and cancer, several experts are concerned about the presence of toxic substances in these products ...

"Is it enough to comply with cosmetic regulations, as Health Canada says?" “I don't think so,” Daniel Barolet replies, because cosmetic is applied to the skin and tattoo ink is applied to the skin, so these are two regulations that should be completely different. "

“Most of the inks come from the United States, some are Asian. They are not subject to any control, analysis or clinical tests. "

"In Quebec, public health authorities are more concerned with the risks associated with hygiene and the use of needles, in order to avoid allergies or infections."

Radio-Canada, September 21, 2018

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