The buildings of the future will be vertical forests in the center of large cities. Let's take a closer look at how large metropolises are adapting their architectures to build greener living environments.

“The vertical Bosco is made up of two residential towers inaugurated in 2014. These two towers are an experiment in new forms of integration eco-landscape of the frame, andintegration of biodiversity into buildings, often described by architects and the media as "vertical forest" and cited as an example ofecodesign urban ”.

Source: Wikipedia

“Il Bosco Verticale, the two towers by Milanese architect Stefano Boeri, stands in Milan's trendy Porta Nuova district. Devoted entirely to housing, therefore impossible to access, it divides the population ”.

Source: 24 hours

The next activities will allow students to familiarize themselves with the concept of tree towers, green towers and vertical forests, which are increasingly part of urban areas in search of well-being.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Name cities or countries interested in tree towers;
- Explain the characteristics of Bosco laterale in Milan, Italy;
- Understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of architecture;
- Name the types of trees, birds and materials used;
- Compare different plant towers in order to identify common features.

Suggested activities

ACTIVITY 1: Il Bosco Verticale

Begin this activity by presenting this infographics relating the particular characteristics of the tree-lined Il Bosco Verticale towers.

Locate these ecological buildings of the future on a menu of the world in order to properly observe the geographical location of the innovative real estate project.

Continue by displaying this gallery photos so that the students can get a better idea of the scale of the project. Also display what a drone filmed during his guided tour of the Bosco Verticale.

Ask the students to make them express what the advantages and disadvantages of this type of architecture would be for city dwellers.

ACTIVITY 2: The advantages and disadvantages of green towers

Present this reportage so that the pupils can hear, in detail, all the particular components that the 2 towers of the Bosco Verticale project represent for the population and the environment.

Distribute this listening grid so that students can record their new discoveries.

ACTIVITY 3: The vertical forests of the continent

Present this video detailing another green tower project that will materialize in Lausanne in Switzerland. The exhibition Reinventing Paris also offers innovative urban projects in order to build differently for future generations.

Ask the students to list other plant towers, or vertical forests, that exist all over the world. Ask them to compare them and record their respective peculiarities in this comparative table.

For further

In small teams, invite the students to build a replica of the towers of the Bosco laterale with cubes. Jenga or to play at inventing new architectures.

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