The Super Bowl: beyond sport

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The 55th football high mass will take place this Sunday, February 7, 2021. Indeed, like every winter since 1967, the Super Bowl is the unmissable event for more than 110 million Americans who would not miss this game for the world. . Look at an event that goes beyond its sport.

The 55th Football High Mass will take place on Sunday, February 7, 2021, in Tampa Bay. 22,000 people (out of a capacity of 60,000) will be allowed to attend the match in person, including 7,500 healthcare workers who received a well-deserved gift.

Like every winter since 1967, the Super Bowl is the must-attend event for more than 110 million Americans who wouldn't miss this game for the world. In addition, this year, the confrontation of quarterbacks Tom Brady (the best in history) and Patrick Mahomes (the best of the moment) adds another element to the long-awaited spectacle. A seventh ring for Brady or a second in two years for Mahomes? The bets are open!

“The second most popular food event of the year after Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is a revered day on the American calendar. Much more than just an American football final, the Super Bowl is also the most expensive 30 seconds of television advertising, the most watched sporting event of the year, the conversations around the coffee machine the most lively the next day, […] In short, a must-see in popular American culture to follow to be in the know! "

Source: French District, 2018

We will therefore be in the 55th National Football League final, where excess and excess are an integral part of the most watched sporting event in the United States, by far. 111 million viewers, 1.35 billion chicken wings consumed, $ 5 million for a 30-second television commercial, $ 5,000 on average for a stadium ticket, 27.6 million tweets and 240 million comments and likes on Facebook… These are as many disproportionate figures as there are reasons to analyze an event that goes beyond its sport.

“But the Super Bowl is more than sport, a cultural event where what happens off the field is just as followed as the game. "

Source: Le Point, February 4, 2018

Your challenge

Do you know Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, the two star quarterbacks who will face each other in Super Bowl LV? Your challenge is to create a table using Word or Excel (or Docs or Sheets), for example, and compare, according to different criteria, these two athletes. Here are some benchmarks to help you:

  • Age
  • Size weight
  • Team
  • Personal stats (touchdowns, rushing yards, passing yards, number of touchdowns, etc.)
  • Super Bowl participation
  • Number of Super Bowl Rings
  • Any other statistic that interests you ...


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