The highly anticipated episode 7 of Star wars is hitting big screens this year. Let's take a closer look at the reasons why the fervor of moviegoers has grown steadily since the first film of the saga in 1977.

“Three decades have passed in a distant galaxy since the events at the end of Return of the Jedi Here comes Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which marks the return of the pillars of the universe created by George Lucas (Han Solo , Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca) as well as a new generation of good guys and bad guys, rebels and Stormtroopers, robots, aliens, Jedi and Sith ”.

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"The world of Star wars is inspired by numerous cinematographic works, but also literary works and real historical facts. "

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The next activities will allow us to perfect our knowledge of the science fiction universe in which the films of Star wars viewers plunge even today, in a galaxy near us!


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Explain the main lines of the film saga of Star Wars;
- Name the characteristics of the main characters in the films of the saga;
- Record information on the identity of the characters in George Lucas' films;
- Search for information on the characters of the Star Wars movies;
- Create an infographic from famous phrases from the movies;
- Make up a sci-fi story based on characters from the Star Wars movies.

Suggested activities

ACTIVITY 1: What is Star Wars?

This cinematographic saga is probably already part of the cultural baggage of the students. Take the opportunity to question them on their current knowledge, in connection with this science fiction universe created by George Lucas.

Start the activity by doing a collective reading of a short summary of the film as presented on Wikipedia. Continue by displaying this reportage cultural in order to have an idea of the reasons which cause the current craze of the film lovers of the planet.

Conclude this first activity by presenting the movie In ten minutes, Star Wars you will understand video relating, in cartoons, the 6 films of this legendary series.
Question the students to check their understanding of all of this information.

Here are some questions:

- What is "Star Wars"?
- Why is the numbering of the films out of order?
- What are the subjects covered in the films?
- What is a Jedi?
- What is a Sith?
- Who are the heroes of the films?
- What are the messages delivered in the films?
- Etc.

ACTIVITY 2: Star Wars movie characters

Post this repertoire containing the 3,124 character files appearing in the films and / or in products derived from Star wars. Let the students know that they will learn more about the fantastic origins of the characters from Star Wars.
Group the students into small work teams and inform them that they will have to write 3 identity cards of 3 characters from 3 categories among the following:

  1. Members of the Sith Order
  2. Members of the Jedi Order
  3. Dark Jedi
  4. Members of the New Jedi Order
  5. Bounty Hunters

Distribute a copy of the following consignment file in which they will have to do a research on 3 different characters in 3 categories of their choice. Information about the character's species, weapons, appearance, etc. will be detailed there. Encourage them to click on the hyperlinks available in several places in the different character sheets.

Have students write a short sci-fi tale featuring the characters they will have detailed in the previous activity. Invite them to incorporate real elements from the films Star wars and to be original just like George Lucas knows so well.

ACTIVITY 3: Famous Phrases From Star Wars Movies

Suggest that the students make an infographic using one of the 15 sentences famous from one of the films of the Star Wars saga. Use the site Piktochart or Can go in order to showcase them and creatively.

For further

Watch the documentary on the origins of the saga Star wars sure Youtube (1:30 :27)
Suggest that the students recreate a known scene from one of the films after watching this animation compiling the important scenes of the 6 films.

Present this documentary recently posted online which describes the reasons behind the popularity of the population, year after year, for the films of the series Star wars. After viewing, ask them to name the new information they learned.

Present this report video of a minute in which the Star Wars saga is well explained in the form of a timeline.

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