“The teenager created the hashtag #CHHSLetsTalk to raise funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association. For every share of the hashtag on social media, his high school, Crescent Heights, pledged 0.05 $, up to a maximum of 500 $. In just nine hours, the campaign exceeded its target of 10,000 tweets. "

Source: Radio-Canada

The next activities will allow you to demystify mental illness and allow students to realize that these disorders affect adults but also young people their age.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Learn about the most common mental illnesses;
- Know the symptoms and impacts related to mental illness;
- Exchange and compare their conceptions of mental illness;
- Plan a fundraising campaign on Twitter.

Suggested activities

ACTIVITY 1: What exactly is mental health?

Begin the activity by doing a collective reading of this cuff then initiate a discussion with the students to better understand their knowledge of mental health.

Here are some questions that could be used to fuel the discussions:

- What were the teenager's primary motivations for launching this fundraising campaign?
- Why is it necessary to carry out fundraising campaigns for mental illnesses?
- How do you like Brett Rothery's idea?
- What are the mental illnesses that you know?
- Do you know people living with mental health problems?
- Do you think that children live with mental illnesses?
- How do you react when you learn that a person has mental problems?
- What are the prejudices with which these people must face following the diagnosis of their disease?
- What would be the ways to prevent mental disorders in children or adults?
- How would you behave with a person having a mental disorder knowing that he has it?
- What are the triggers that can precipitate the onset of mental illness?
- Do you believe that mental illness is as serious as physical illness?
- Etc.

ACTIVITY 2: Mental illness cannot be caught!

Suggest that students learn about the main categories of mental illness (anxiety disorders, concurrent disorders and mixed diagnosis, dementia, eating disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia). Inform them that they will become, in small work teams, experts in one type of disease and that a large group plenary will take place at the end of the period to share new knowledge with each other.

Distribute a copy of the brochure issued by the Canadian Mental Illness Association so that students can search for information on major mental disorders. Get the brochure by clicking on the download button on this site. After students have organized themselves into work groups, have them choose one of the mental illnesses described in the brochure.

Also distribute to students this consignment grid in order to register the information collected. Offer them the opportunity to complete their consignment grid by going on the Internet.

End the activity by asking the teams to present their findings to the class.

ACTIVITY 3: My fundraising campaign

Begin this activity by asking students if they have ever participated in a fundraising campaign. Tell them that for this activity they will need to plan a fundraising campaign, but using social media, eg Twitter.

Here is some information they should include in the description of their fundraising campaign:

a) The cause for which they wish to carry out a fundraising campaign.
b) The reasons for this choice.
c) The keyword they would use on Twitter to promote the event and the reasons for this choice.
d) How they are going to go about launching the fundraising campaign.
e) Do they plan to partner with partners to raise more funds.
f) The funds raised would be distributed in what way

For further

If you have an idea for a project that will increase public awareness of mental health issues in your school or community, the Dare to Dream program is for you!

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