An arm in Lego: his passion at the service of his handicap

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Deprived of a right forearm at birth, David Aguilar uses his passion for Lego blocks to create a prosthesis. A story that will inspire your students and that inspired us some ideas for activities to live in class on the theme of passions and inventions!

"When I was a teenager, I continued to play Lego because it was a way of forgetting the harassment, it helped me a lot to ignore the mockery" 

David Aguilar in Press

It was at the age of five that David Aguilar discovered Lego blocks, he took refuge there in order to escape the mockery of his comrades in the face of his handicap. Indeed, this now 22-year-old man suffers from Poland Syndrome and was born without a right forearm.  

At only 9 years old, he invented a prosthesis made of Lego blocks that could serve as his forearm. At 17, his prosthesis had been greatly refined to allow him to do his first "push-ups" (push-ups).

“And today, he proudly presents the fifth version of his prosthesis, the MK5, a robotic-looking Lego arm with blue bars acting as fingers that David activates with a movement of his stump, thanks to a system. of motorized pulleys. "

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An arm that crosses borders

Beknur, an 8 year old boy born without arms or legs, got to know David and his revolutionary inventions through his Youtube channel "Hand Solo", name inspired by the character Han Solo in Star Wars.

It was the young man's mother who contacted the inventor to ask him to build a prosthesis for her son, a challenge that Aguilar accepted with pleasure. Since last August, Beknur also has his Lego arm with which he manages to grab objects.

Here is a good article to learn more about David Aguilar. 

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