Montreal Canadiens: 110 years of history in 2019

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In 2019, the Montreal Canadiens blew out 110 candles on their blue, white and red birthday cake. So it was in 1909 that it all began for the most prestigious, the most successful and the oldest team in the National Hockey League. Insights into a history filled with significant events.

In 2019, the Canadiens hockey club, its original name, blew out 110 candles on its blue, white and red birthday cake. So it was in 1909 that it all began for the most prestigious, the most successful and the oldest team in the National Hockey League.

“[She] won 24 Stanley Cups. This is the North American League record. In North America, only the Yankees, the New York baseball team has won more titles in its sport than the Montreal Canadiens. "

Source: Agora Sports, January 10, 2018

Continuing to stir up passions even after 110 years of history, the Montreal Canadiens remain a very strong Quebec emblem and remain the subject of debate par excellence for thousands of families gathered around a game on Saturday night. The whole of Quebec lives to the rhythm of this sport which is undoubtedly the favorite of young and old alike during our long and harsh winters.

“Skating and hockey fans are pampered in Montreal. The city has more than 260 outdoor rinks and ice rinks, eight of which have a refrigerated surface, and there are 34 municipal arenas. But for true hockey fans, one lane is enough to start a game with neighborhood friends. "

Source: À nous Montréal, January 22, 2018

Your challenge

Find the player who has collected the most points in his career in the Canadiens' uniform. Then, are you able to name a player from the current edition of the team (2019-2020) who is among the 55 best scorers in the history of CH? Good research!


Disciplines and levels targeted

Geography Lower secondary

  • Knowledge related to the study of a metropolis

History 1st cycle of secondary

  • Techniques used: Make a timeline

Plastic arts

  • Create media images

Targeted dimensions of digital competence

  • Producing content with digital
  • Develop and mobilize your information culture
  • Harnessing the potential of digital technology for learning
  • Collaborate with digital

Suggested digital tools

  • RWT Timeline
  • Google earth
  • Can go

Educational intention of the guide

The following activities will allow students to learn more about the rich history of the Montreal Canadiens.

Objectives of the activities

  • Trace key events in the history of the Canadiens by creating a timeline using RWT Timeline.
  • Explore the metropolis of Quebec (Montreal) using Google Earth and focus on the amenities near the Bell Center.
  • Imagine a new jersey for the Montreal Canadiens and create it using the Canva app.
  • Test your knowledge of the Montreal Canadiens and create a quiz.

ACTIVITY 1: 110 years of history

The Montreal Canadiens have a history rich in emotions and filled with significant events. The role of the pupil in activity 1 is to create a timeline with the online tool Timeline. Easy to use, you can organize your frieze by date, time or event. In the way that suits them, the students will have to retrace the significant phases of the history of the Canadiens and to highlight them in their project. They will be able to add a title, a description and an image to each section of their timeline.

Information will be collected on the historic site of the Montreal Canadiens. In the “Great moments” section, you will have access to more than a hundred events that marked the team. Students will need to explore these moments and choose 10 moments to incorporate into their timeline. It may be interesting to choose an element in each of the decades (one in 1910, one in 1920 and so on until 2010).

Once completed, the timeline can be saved on the computer, printed, or shared on social media.

ACTIVITY 2: Discovering downtown Montreal

In Activity 2, students will use Google earth to, on the one hand, locate downtown Montreal and, on the other hand, explore the surroundings of the Bell Center with the 3D and Street View functions. The learners will be asked to indicate the arrangements which relate to the particularities of the metropolis under study.

A collaborative document (Middlespot, Google Doc) could be created in parallel, where students would annotate their observations of the different characteristics by grouping them by topic. For example, around the Bell Center, we observe the presence of a highway, skyscrapers, commercial arteries, a public transport service, etc. Students will then be able to think about the uses of all these arrangements around the Canadiens arena.

Knowing that there are more than 20,000 spectators who go there about twice a week, are the proposed facilities optimal? Learners can give their point of view on the situation and suggest changes to be made by entering them in the document created beforehand. They may, for example, mention a lack of parking or the need for more lanes to enter or exit the city center quickly.

ACTIVITY 3: Blue-white-red through time

The Montreal Canadiens' blue-white-red uniform has undergone several changes over the years. Still worn with pride and honor by more than 800 players now, the Canadiens logo remains one of the most prestigious, all professional sports combined.

In activity 3, students will be asked to reinvent the team logo. To do this, the site Can go offers a wide range of designs, shapes, backgrounds and fonts to create an original sweater. Just before the creation, young people can go and get inspiration from all of the Canadiens' old jerseys that are available. here.

You can share the white template below with your students, which they can later upload to the Canva site. From this blank template, they will only have to add all the elements they want to make it the new template for the team. You will have to find the colors blue-white-red as well as elements reminiscent of hockey and the city of Montreal (or Quebec as a whole). We must not stray too far from the models that have been offered for 110 years, hence the importance of looking at them before starting to create.

The last step could be sharing on social networks. You could tweet the works of the students by identifying the @CanadiansMTL and thus have the chance to be seen by members of the Canadian organization and all their subscribers.


The website Quizzbiz contains several questionnaires on the Montreal Canadiens. Students can then have fun by testing their knowledge on their favorite team. This platform also allows the creation of quizzes by the students. You could therefore ask them to invent a questionnaire based on the research carried out in any of the activities in this guide. Students will be able to collaborate in developing questions and try out their friends' quizzes.


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