Zelexio: jumping into the future one evaluation at a time

Press release - The Zelexio platform is the first digital product in Quebec education that allows the teacher to have a global portrait of the student (the academic profile, the emotional profile and the profile of perception of competencies in relation to self-perception).

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Press Release - To counteract school dropout from primary school to university, to optimize teachers' work time and to facilitate entry into the profession; this is what Azra Hasanefendic and Stéphanie Loiselle had in mind when they conceived and built Zelexio.

Both teachers for more than 10 years in the fields of languages and math/science, the two women created the platform in order to respond to the need to encourage school perseverance and to enable each student to succeed, by relying on artificial intelligence.

As a bonus, the creation of Zelexio has provided innovative and Quebec-based materials to teachers. With their field experience and the collaboration of Dr. Constance Denis, PhD in Education, they have created a technological tool that allows teachers and school administrators to optimize their evaluation process.

The evaluation and pedagogical follow-up tool also allows students and parents to better follow the learning progress and to visualize a portrait of the learner in real time.

Benefits for teachers and parents

For teachers, several avenues are proposed to improve practices in the field. Producing their own digital grids with a single click, incorporating Zelexio grids during evaluations, seeing at a glance the individual progress graphs of each student and letting the intelligence of the platform do the pedagogical follow-ups are among the few tools.

"Digitizing the way teachers work will allow them to optimize their time to specifically lead each student to success in an equitable manner," concludes founding president Azra Hasanefendic.

For parents, Zelexio will provide a complete portrait of the learner by integrating a psychometric and emotional evaluation of school-related skills. Thus, the profile of each student allows the relationship with the school and the emotional state of the learner to be linked. Zelexio will draw a portrait of the child's progress every two months in order to illustrate his development and learning. This profile can also be updated throughout the child's school career for primary school students up to university students.

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