A successful mission at Ludovia16

But what exactly is Ludovia? It is a large gathering bringing together actors in the field, researchers, associations and representatives of the ministry to share and network around the digital issue.

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It was on a speech by Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer that Ludovia16 took off. This 16e edition was aimed at all education stakeholders including representatives of the Ministry of National Education. All this in the enchanting setting of the Pyrenees in the Ariège department.

By Danielle Boucher, education consultant

But what exactly is Ludovia? It is a large gathering bringing together actors in the field, researchers, associations and representatives of the ministry to share and network around the issue of digital technology. With 378 program proposals over the four days, 180 speakers and 40 partners and exhibitors, there is plenty to see and do! The strength of Ludovia is that it invites the co-construction of the program in an inclusive approach integrating as many actors as possible. It's fantastic at a time when, more than ever, collaboration is taking on all its importance. Because as Eric said: "doing together is the way to success". Inspiring, and that suits us perfectly.

Moreover, with supporting evidence, an innovation at Ludovia 2019 saw the light of day: a "management" seminar on the management of schools in the digital age! A current subject with colossal challenges that deserves the sharing of expertise and collaboration.

Four countries were represented, namely France, the host country, Switzerland, Belgium, which will host the autumn Ludovia and Quebec, as guest contributing to the organization of this day.

You find the description of the day in clicking here.

Quebec stood out. We appreciate our openness, our benevolence and this great facility to make explicit what sometimes seems complicated. In short, it could not have been otherwise with the quality of the presentations made by Carl Ouellet, president of the Association québécoise du personnel de direction des écoles (AQPDE), Marie-Ève Gagnon, director of the Navigators school board and Yvan Fortier, director of the Côte-du-Sud school board in office for the implementation of the Digital Action Plan. The roundtable was also well appreciated by demonstrating the importance of a learner posture, the exercise of conscious leadership and a caring approach. These are basic ingredients in the performance of the function and which require a very high level of skill development from the person. I will have tried to transmit this vision which is ours with a lot of humility.

In closing, Ludovia16 is an experience in itself. The people present were all keen and open to hearing, this curiosity that creates links, projects. Education crosses borders. We have to learn from everyone and these experiences contribute to constructive and rigorous professional development.

As I have often said and repeated in my previous passages: attitude, much more than aptitude, allows us to gain Altitude!

Thank you Éric Fourcaud, responsible for strategic partnerships and Aurélie Julien, project manager for your extraordinary welcome. Carl Ouellet, president of AQPDE, can only say: "See you next time?" ".

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