A portrait of young Quebecers who finish high school

On the eve of the Summit on Higher Education, the Federation of Private Education Institutions (FÉEP) shares certain conclusions of a survey it conducted to adequately identify the needs of these young people who are moving to CEGEPs and universities. Quebec universities.

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On the eve of the Summit on Higher Education, the Federation of Private Education Institutions (FÉEP) shares certain conclusions of a survey it conducted to adequately identify the needs of these young people who are moving to CEGEPs and universities. Quebec universities.

The survey was carried out in 2009-2010 among more than 44,000 young people aged 12 to 18. A similar survey was carried out by the Federation in 2000-2001, which allows comparisons to be made. Who are these young people entering CEGEP and university today? What are their expectations of the education system? That's the kind of question she was trying to answer.

Among the observations made by comparing the data, we see that young people graduating from high school smoke less, font more physical activity and this feed better than in 2001. On the other hand, the average length of their night's sleep increased from 8.2 hours in 2001 to 7.9 hours in 2010 and more of them feel tired in class.

Today's students spend an average of almost 10 hours per week on " trendy hobbies “, That is, using the computer and the Internet for fun. On the other hand, there has been a decrease in the time allocated to watching television and to outdoor leisure activities.

In terms of school life, physical activity, sports and outdoors are particularly popular. More than 80 % boys say they participate. The cultural activities And the activities community engagement and volunteering are also popular. In addition, nearly one in five students is involved in the organization and functioning of his school.

With regard to favorite subjects of students, physical education, mathematics, science and technology, history and geography are popular with boys. Girls, on the other hand, prefer the arts, French and English. However, today's students are less motivated towards the school than those of 10 years ago. Indeed, barely one in two says they are motivated.



The follow-up to the survey for the FEEP

“The survey allows us to clearly identify the specific problems and challenges facing today's students,” explains André Revert, student services coordinator at the Federation. In 2002, following the first survey, FEEP set up a training program called Getting the tools to better help our young people. More than 150 days of training were given to teachers, educators and other stakeholders in the school environment, related to various issues. "

These observations led to the establishment of a broad reflection on the school of tomorrow. As explained by Jean-Marc St-Jacques, President of the Federation and Director General of Collège Bourget, “we have reached a historic crossroads in education. Knowledge is no longer just in the teacher's head and in the library, it is also in our phones and digital tablets. The relationship of today's pupils to school and to knowledge is radically different from that of their elders. This leads us to question the current model of the Quebec school, which was put in place in the 1960s. ”And he adds:“ The school must help students acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in the field. their personal, social and professional life. It must lead them to develop good working methods, teach them to provide a sustained effort, to be rigorous and to have good judgment. These are essential elements that we do not question. However, we believe that the school must innovate and adapt to the reality of the 21e century to properly fulfill its mission. "


Source: FÉEP press release

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