Around fifty teachers are finishing their ICT summer camp today

From August 15 to 17, more than fifty teachers gathered for the 14th edition of the ICT camp of the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FÉEP).

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From August 15 to 17, more than fifty teachers gathered for the 14e edition of the ICT camp of the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FÉEP).

The camp, which was held at the Auberge du Lac-à-l'Eau-Claire, in St-Alexis-des-Monts, offered various training activities focused on the following themes:

  • Use of various interactive questionnaires in order to promote modeling of the reflective approach in learning while obtaining feedback on the progress of students aware of this same process;
  • Holding of an “EdCamp” type activity allowing participants to share their expertise or experience by expanding their network of contacts;
  • Exploration of strategies and tools to make students more active in their learning;
  • Transformation of its current learning activities through a collaborative writing strategy so that students co-construct their knowledge and develop their skills;
  • Boosting an embodied school through various transformational leadership strategies: how to share leadership so that all school stakeholders can exercise it in their respective daily functions?

The participants will not only have been able to acquire new knowledge, but the activities prepared by the trainers (Claude Frenette, Marie-Claude Gauthier, Kathleen Godard and Marc-André Girard) will have enabled them to integrate this information to transform their own activities. educational. In addition, numerous discussions by participants divided into disciplinary teams made it possible to tackle active pedagogy practices, thereby bringing the collective intelligence of all these specialists to contribution in a professional development operation by peers.

Camp participants received two digital badges offered by the organization CADRE21 in order to recognize the learning achieved during these three days: the first in collaborative writing, explorer level, and the second, created especially to recognize the commitment of the participants, FÉEP-SITA CampTIC 2016.

You can read or re-read the exchanges held at Camp TIC 2016 on Twitter, using the hashtag #camptic2016. Also consult the blog by Normand Brodeur for a report on the three days of training.

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About the Author

Marc-André Girard
Marc-André Girard
Marc-André Girard holds a bachelor's degree in social studies education (1999), a master's degree in history education (2003), a master's degree in education management (2013) and a doctorate in education (2022). He specializes in school-based change management and educational leadership. He is also interested in the 21st century competencies to be developed in education. He is a principal in a public high school and gives conferences on educational leadership, pedagogical approaches, change in schools and the professionalization of teaching. He has participated in educational expeditions in France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Morocco. In September 2014, he published the book "Le changement en milieu scolaire québécois" with Éditions Reynald Goulet and, in 2019, he published a trilogy on the 21st century school with the same publisher. He is a frequent contributor to L'École branchée on educational issues. He is very involved in everything that surrounds the professional development of teachers and principals as well as the integration of ICT in education. In March 2016, he received a CHAPO award from AQUOPS for his overall involvement. He is a recipient of the Régent-Fortin 2022 scholarship awarded by ADERAE for the significant contribution of his doctoral studies to the development of practice and knowledge in educational administration.

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