Pride and a sense of belonging to one's class are motivational factors for students. In the digital world, their development can take on whole new dimensions and bring down the walls of the traditional institution!

I recently came across an article very simple which offers three ways to give your classroom a virtual identity. The author, Laura Bates, reminds us how much more pleasant it is to evolve in an environment to which one is proud to belong, and that does not exclude the classroom environment. “When young people feel like they are part of a team, productivity tends to increase because they have a common goal for their efforts. This sense of solidarity, in his opinion, leads to interactions based on mutual aid and peer support.

Being proud of your class is nothing new, but technological innovation allows it to be seen in other ways. Here are three ideas to get started ...


1. Have a class blog or, for example

This is one way to ensure an interesting presence on the web. Thanks to it, the teacher can announce and describe the activities of the class, share the work plan, underline the good moves. It should not be forgotten that the pupils can also use it to publish the results of experiments, discoveries or to start discussions aimed at organizing class life, for example.


2. Have a Twitter account for the class

You can broadcast very short news, for example the topic of the day, the arguments of a debate, suggested readings or sites to visit, etc. You can also interact with other classes, even on the other side of the world! People from the outside can even step in and add their two cents.


3. Have a YouTube channel for the class

For some activities, students can make video productions, for example short documentaries, film experiences, fictional reports, recordings of computer manipulations, etc. Streaming the best productions online can be done easily through YouTube. Make sure, however, that if you see the faces of some students, you always get parental permission.

Obviously, there are plenty of other ways to leave traces as a digital class. What are your favorites?

Also, don't forget to read up on digital identity, because it does not have all good sides. Fortunately, a savvy head is worth two!