All in the third year?

For some students, it is a long way from grade 2 to grade 3. Sometimes they need to catch up. With this in mind, teacher Stéphanie Demers designed Rattrapage 2e, digital courses in French and math.

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For some students, it's a big step to go from 2e to the 3e grade of elementary school. Catching up is sometimes necessary. It is in this spirit that teacher Stéphanie Demers has designed Catch-up 2eDigital courses in French and mathematics.

Creator of Rattrapage 2eStéphanie Demers is currently preparing Rattrapage 1, a digital educational module.time .
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With 15 years of experience in the Sorel-Tracy region, Stéphanie Demers plunged into the adventure of Rattrapage 2 last year.e. "With the pandemic, I found that children were more tired and parents more anxious about their child's success," she recalls. That's when the idea came to her to build a program available on a digital platform.

But why make up for the second year and not the first? "Quite simply, because I taught 15 years in 2eshe says with a smile. "I know the program inside and out. But it's true," she continues, "that it could start in first grade." The less you wait when there's a delay, the better it is for a child. Ms. Demers' next project is to produce the Catch-up 1 version of the program.time.

An extra notebook?

While in France, summer workbooks are commonplace in the teaching world, in Quebec, this is less the case, but there are more and more of them. Stéphanie Demers, however, sees it differently. "I don't work with notebooks. I work in workshops!"

In concrete terms, in the case of French, she will record a sentence on her phone and then send it to the students enrolled in her classes. It is from this sentence that the notions, for example, of the plural or the agreement with the feminine will be seen.

In French, reading and writing skills are reviewed in Ms. Stephanie's classes through story comprehension and grammatical writing, while in math, problem solving, numeracy, and operations procedures are combed through.

Educational capsules are also created for students as well as informative capsules for parents. They also have the possibility to contact her if their questions are not answered. Teaching materials are available for printing, and a private Facebook group allows subscribers to share various resources or educational books.

Personally, Stephanie Demers relies on the collaboration between the school and the family to counteract learning delays. She just hopes that all her work will serve to prevent children from being left to their own devices when faced with comprehension difficulties.

Moved to 6e I'm passionate about education," says Mrs. Demers, "but I also have two children. I'm passionate about education," says Demers, "but I also have two children. So I have to find a balance. After 2e year and the first year coming up, I think I'll need help with the other years." Attention interested parties!

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