2016-2017: Most read articles in École branchée online

We end the year with statistics! Here is the list of the most read articles this year in the École branchée online! The #1 will surprise you!

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End the year with statistics… We like it! Here is the list of the most read articles this year in the École branchée online!

If you missed them, add them to your summer reading list… or not!

Among all the articles in our archives

5e position: The student-teacher relationship, important for academic success

By Nathalie Côté - published June 18, 2012
The relationship between a student and his teacher is a key factor in academic success, especially among the youngest. However, the quality of this varies according to the sex, the economic situation and the behavior of the children. This is what emerges from analyzes of data from the longitudinal study of the development of children in Quebec carried out by researchers from the University of Montreal and the Institut de la statistique du Québec.

4e position: The SAMR model: a reference for the truly pedagogical integration of ICT in the classroom

By Sébastien Wart - published September 9, 2013
The SAMR model, developed by Ruben Puentedura, is a very important theoretical reference for educators who wish to reflect on the effective and truly pedagogical integration of technologies in the classroom. Here is a summary.

3e position: Top 10 Favorite Apps for Teachers

By Audrey Miller - Released December 19, 2014
2014 is coming to an end and the “tops” are in fashion! Here in turn is the “top 10” of the favorite applications of French-speaking teachers in this first half of the school year.

2e position: The (amazing) peculiarities of the Finnish education system

By Audrey Miller - Released October 29, 2012
Like it or not, it looks like the Finnish educational model is working! Here are some of the most surprising key points, which will feed the discussions… For example, did you know that Finnish pupils do not undergo any assessment during the first 6 years of school?

1time position: 10 reasons to use mobile phones in the classroom

By Sébastien Wart - published January 31, 2014
While some schools are happy to ban it, the cell phone in the classroom is proving its worth in others! Supported by a good integration strategy, it can prove to be an essential learning and organization tool.

Among those published in 2017 only

10e position: Learn to tell right from wrong on the web

By Clément Laberge - November 25, 2016
Knowing how to recognize quality information is an increasingly important issue in order to live your citizenship well. Here are some resources on the subject.

9e position: Professional development: which congresses will you choose this year?

By Audrey Miller - September 14, 2016
It's time to plan your professional development! Here are some suggestions for conferences and seminars to guide your choices this year.

8e position: 4 factors that influence motivation in relation to ICT

By Ninon Louise Lepage - January 12, 2017
On the occasion of the Rendez-vous PédagoNumérique, Professor Thierry Karsenti presented 4 factors that act on motivation in relation to ICT.

7e position: Technologies in the classroom: most useful and least useful, according to teachers

By Dominic Leblanc - September 15, 2016
A survey of 1,300 teachers reveals their preferences for using technology for teaching and learning. Do you agree with these choices?

6e position: Minister of Education creates advisory group on innovation

By Audrey Miller - June 17, 2017
They are 100 primary and secondary school stakeholders, representing both the public and the private sector. They have been advising the Minister of Education on various issues since April.

5e position: Finishing high school on your cellphone: ChallengeU arrives in FGA

By Audrey Miller - February 10, 2017
Finishing high school online thanks to a personalized course, presented in the style of a video game aimed at motivating the learner: it is now possible in Quebec.

4e position: Writing with technology changes writing!

By Martine Rioux - March 30, 2017
Writing with a pencil on a piece of paper or writing by typing on a keyboard and looking at a screen, what does that change for the students? This is what Thierry Karsenti wanted to know in a study. The results are unequivocal: "young people, boys and girls, are much more motivated when they perform writing tasks on the computer". And there's more!

3e position: File: Social media at school: an asset for education

By Felipe Antaya - March 1, 2017
Social media are taking hold in education. This dossier offers concrete avenues for developing the critical spirit of young people (and the less young!) In their use.

2e position: Articles When mathematical genius meets artistic genius

By Jennifer Poirier and Stéphanie de Champlain - May 1, 2017
The relationship between mathematics and the arts goes down in history. Over time, artists have benefited from different mathematical tools. Here are some examples of mathematical tools used by creators of yesterday and today.

1time position: Julie Chamberland: No more compulsory homework, room for classroom study strategies

By Stéphanie Dionne - May 25, 2017
In this episode of the Rendez-vous de l'École branchée, teacher Julie Chamberland explains, among other things, why some teachers at her school no longer give students homework!

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