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Nowadays, people are used to reading news or weather forecasts on screens in malls, airports or hospitals. The trend is now broadening to educational institutions. The new TOAlert communication system improves the distribution of emergency messages and alerts in schools.
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The new communication system TOAlert, equipped with the 22-inch high-definition display, improves the distribution of messages and emergency alerts in schools. Designed with student and staff safety in mind, this system offers additional safety features. These help reduce anxiety while providing a visual cue for everyone inside the building. The TOAlert system facilitates the management of strategic announcements while improving communications and productivity; it can also synchronize the clocks in the school and display clear messages instantly, as well as broadcast weather alerts, for example.

System use TOAlert saves time, saves money and reduces the complexity of delivering mission-critical communications and using security systems. As it has only three elements – a screen, a device for the display (called DynamicView) and another to embed messages (called Integrator), it is simple to install. Together, they help display messages quickly and efficiently on the network. Another very interesting feature is the possibility of grafting it to existing call systems. Imagine for a moment that you could create a mass communication structure that would deliver your message both visually and orally to increase understanding.

Nowadays, people are used to reading news or weather forecasts on screens in malls, airports or hospitals. The trend is now spreading to educational institutions and School Service Centers are beginning to recognize that this type of communication tool benefits everyone, particularly those who are the most sensitive to messages transmitted visually. Installing screens in hallways, classrooms and reception provides full coverage that can be achieved with just a few devices placed in appropriate locations. If a screen is installed in a classroom, a direct message from the system can direct a particular student to the principal's office without a disturbing voice message being broadcast throughout the school.

The system TOAlert ensures the building is adequately equipped to inform students and staff with daily news or emergency alerts in a specific format. It also integrates with other systems, such as fire or containment alarms, or it can trigger a signal to notify emergency services to maximize efficiency. Ask for the TOAlert system for your peace of mind.

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