Succeed in your educational video

Whether for entertainment or information, millions of video sequences are viewed every day, via social networks. Education is also no exception to this phenomenon. Indeed, video has become one of the main methods of transmitting learning.

YouTube: a tool for teachers and students

Young people use technology quite independently and often discuss the videos they watch on YouTube. Here are some ideas for using this free platform as a learning tool.

Nunavut, 20 years later: between hope and despair

Twenty years ago, Nunavut officially joined Canadian Confederation as a territory. Canada was then making a third redesign to the north of its map, after the Northwest Territories in 1870 and the Yukon in 1898. A look at 20 years of hope and despair among the Inuit.

When sexuality meets digital: let's talk about sexting!

Sexting is now part of the reality of young people in the 21st century. It is a fact and it is not tomorrow the day before that that will change. Prevention and modeling then play a primordial role, in the perspective that adults must teach the right behaviors to adopt in order to minimize any unnecessary risk. Thinking about stopping sexting is clearly a utopia, but educating young people and making them aware of the dangers they can run if necessary, it is exactly in this context that the participation of the school community is essential.

Marydotcom, the YouTuber who shares her life as a teacher

We met Marie-Florence Legault, elementary school teacher and YouTuber (marydotcom) who opens the door to her class on the Web to share moments from her teaching life.

When eSports invite themselves to the big table

The day when we will see electronic sports landed at the Olympic Games may not be that far away ... An educational guide on a global trend that fascinates millions of young people: eSport. You don't want to miss this!

The next great Franco-Canadian “YouTubeur”?

A competition enabled 140 young Franco-Canadians aged 12 to 14 to compete for talent in operating the YouTube platform. Here are the winners!

School project on bullying snowballs on social media

Odile Désaulnier is a Secondary 5 student from the Quebec City region. As part of a school project, she put all her heart and talent into making a video to denounce bullying in schools, using the stop motion technique. Thanks to social media, his message is heard.