Les #Édubrèves - Super Expo-Sciences and other events

What are you doing this weekend? Take a few minutes to encourage the young people who participate in the Quebec final of the Super Expo-Sciences Hydro-Quebec. Then plan your next week with our multiple proposals for activities and events for you and your students. Here are your #Édubrèves!

Les #ÉduBrèves - Taking care of teachers

This edition of #ÉduBrèves takes a special form. We introduce you to two outstanding teachers and our Executive Director, Audrey Miller, gives us an overview of a WISE conference that highlighted the importance of taking care of teachers.

The "WISE Prize" is awarded to Larry Rosenstock, founder of High Tech High

The WISE Prize has just been awarded to Mr. Larry Rosenstock, director, founder and principal of High Tech High, for his contribution to primary and secondary education and the fight against inequalities.

The tenth edition of the WISE summit will be held in Doha, Qatar, November 19-21, 2019

2,000 teachers, decision-makers and experts from more than a hundred countries will meet in Doha next month around the theme “Unlearn, Relearn: What makes us human”.

Innovation is integral to the future of education, experts believe

A survey on “The School in 2030”, carried out last June among 645 international experts, predicts that education systems will evolve to become “learning networks”.