living together and citizenship

Learning and living citizenship at school

On the occasion of the most recent ACFAS congress, Marjorie Flon, specialist in citizen and public participation at the Institut du Nouveau Monde, presented some current gaps in relation to education for democracy, while insisting on this subject needs to be taken into account in schools.

Trolling the trolls: to create a new way of being together

We met director Hugo Latulippe and host Pénélope McQuade who were presenting a lunchtime conference at Cégep de Limoilou following the making of the documentary Troller les trolls.

Being digitally ethical, or citizenship behind the screen

The center of the digital frame of reference diagram is occupied by the digital citizen who acts ethically. Here are some ideas for behaviors to adopt to help our students become the ethically digital citizens we want them to become.

The recipe for algorithms

We met Marjorie Paradis, educational advisor at the RÉCIT national service in the field of personal development (PD), who talks to us about ethical reflection and empowerment in connection with digital technology.

An electoral simulation to interest young people in the 2015 federal campaign

CIVIX, a non-partisan charity whose mission is to inspire young Canadians to become informed and engaged citizens, invites elementary and secondary schools to register for Student Vote 2015.

Double partnership between CSMB and UNESCO

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board (CSMB) and UNESCO recently signed an agreement to create a community of practice on living together. While...

Budding voters: the great high school electoral simulation is back

With the electoral campaign in full swing in Quebec, the Voters in Training program offers young people aged 12 to 17 across the province to discover democracy, learn about local and national issues, and learn about the programs of the candidates and exercise their right to vote.

Changing the world, one idea at a time

The competition Click for me in full swing and the end of the nomination period is approaching. Very soon, students in registered classes will be called upon to vote for the best ideas about causes close to their hearts.