Zika virus spreads quickly

In recent weeks, the media have been talking about the Zika virus which is wreaking havoc in South America. The virus is spreading rapidly and it is now at our doorstep.

Should we doubt the effectiveness of vaccines?

Universal remedy to fight against epidemics, the effectiveness of the vaccine is increasingly questioned. Whether by the WHO itself, or by concerned parents, new vaccines do not always offer the desired protection, and older vaccines are accused of being the source of other infections.

The Ebola virus epidemic

A virus is currently roaming West Africa and killing 85% of those infected. Let's take a closer look at why the number of victims of the Ebola virus has just reached an unprecedented high.

Flu season is in full swing

The influenza virus, or the flu, begins to circulate in mid-fall. The holiday season favors its transmission. Indeed, during the holidays, we do not exchange only wishes! By the way, should we get vaccinated, and how do vaccines work?