Tips for moving forward with flipped classroom

The flipped classroom consists of transmitting more theoretical knowledge to students through video capsules. Annick Arsenault Carter, a Grade 7 teacher at École Le Mascaret in New Brunswick, recently shared her advice.

Produce engaging video clips: key elements to consider and some technical recommendations

Researchers analyzed more than 6.9 million video viewing sessions on the e-learning platform. They identified five concrete recommendations for teachers who use video with their students.

Creation, capture and publication of educational video (Rediffusion)

Develop your thinking in order to develop effective and relevant educational video capsules. Several tools are at your disposal, how do you choose them? There is a lot of knowledge to be shared, how to target them properly? Once the capsule has been saved, how do I share it? Demystify it all with Sylvain Duclos, the man behind “one APP per day”.

The flipped classroom is popular in distance learning

More and more teachers are interested in the flipped classroom. This teaching practice makes it possible to transmit more theoretical knowledge to students through video clips and to devote more class time to the realization of concrete projects. A way of doing things that lends itself rather well to distance education!

Distance Education: Does Video Quality Matter?

It is not because a video seems "artisanal" that it cannot bear fruit! To capture the interest of young people, does the quality of the production really matter? It would seem that generally not! However, here are 7 characteristics of an instructional video that should achieve its goal.

How to capture what's happening on screen and make it into an educational video (Replay)

Finally, discover how to create your own explanatory video clips for your students by "recording" what is happening on your screen. We explore native Mac and Windows PC tools, plus a foray into Screencast-o-Matic and Flipgrid. We also discuss other sometimes very simple alternatives, in addition to discussing tips.

Create and have someone create videos and presentations: an overview of Clips, Adobe Spark and Explain Everything (Rediffusion)

This presentation will allow participants to discover 3 applications that allow the creation of videos (by the teacher as by the students), as well as to understand how to use them in class and how to explain them to the learners.

The ICT Competence axis of CADRE21 is enriched by two new training courses

The CADRE21 training offer continues to be enriched with the launch of two new training courses in the area of ICT Competence.

Digital and self-confidence: the example of a geography project

7 Secondary 3 groups had a particularly enriching experience this year on a human level thanks to a project leading to the production of a video report. The teacher Laurent Di Pasquale tells us.

From EDpuzzle to Mindstamp, create your own interactive videos

This week in Mr. Laflamme's fiery finds: an overview of two essential tools for using video in an educational context and diversifying your teaching.