#PixelTag: an idea combining creativity, end-of-year fun and Twitter!

Relax between exams and exercise creativity while taking advantage of ICT. This is the goal pursued by the instigators of the #PixelTag project, two teachers from the Quebec City region.

Talk evenings on Twitter: #EduPrim and #EduSec conclude their first season

What do the connected primary teachers do on Wednesdays from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.? And those in high school, Thursday at the same time? They're chatting on Twitter!

Why and how to integrate Twitter into your teaching?

It happens to all teachers, too often. "Do you have anything to say about the text you were to read?" »Silence. Still silence. Nobody raises their hand… Misery! What if Twitter was a solution? Read some great ideas for integrating Twitter into the classroom!

The #DéfiAlphabet "Autumn in the world": a collaborative primer

The #DéfiAlphabet is a superb collective project that saw the light of day last fall thanks to the power of the Twitter network. This is an alphabet book entirely created by pupils from kindergarten to grade 3 of primary school, from around thirty “#twittclasses”.

Twitter at the service of spelling: discover the "#twictées"

Teachers are constantly finding new uses for the social network that is Twitter. Here is a recently appeared, the #twictée, to reinforce spelling learning.

TwittMOOC: learning Twitter as a professional development tool for teachers

In the “Fabcamp and digital souk” area of the Ludovia Summer University, you can discover tools or hands-on projects in a very user-friendly way. This is how I participated in a presentation-discussion about TwittMOOC, moderated by teacher Stéphanie de Vanssay.

Coming soon to be a lie detector for social media

University researchers are trying to create a system to identify false information circulating on social media. Could this be the end of rumors on Facebook and Twitter?

An educational experience combining Twitter and literature in lower secondary education

“Several students took great pleasure in writing this obligatory tweet, wondering if they could write more to talk about the novels they read outside of my class. A teacher recounts how she takes advantage of the social network to open her class to the world.

Twitter now on the stock market

A few days ago, the social network Twitter went public. Selling for $ 26 initially, the stock rose to 73 % after just one hour! Let's take advantage of this news to retrace the history of this great social network and its outstanding moments.

Sources of motivation for teachers (almost) on vacation!

The holidays are upon us and most of us can't wait to drop out. However, don't forget all those times in the year when you said to yourself, “When I have time…” Now that you have it, here are some ideas that you will benefit from for the next year!