Mr. Laflamme's fire finds

Pocket: a tool for organizing web content

As a teacher, sometimes we would like to be able to better organize our findings and ideas drawn from all over the Web. Here is a very useful application to do this, which will certainly be an asset for the students as well when they are doing research.

A Gift Before Time: Free Canva Pro for All Teachers and Their Students

My happiness today is to send you good news about one of my favorite tools: Canva in premium version is now offered FREE to teachers and their students.

ClassroomScreen: the toolbox that makes everyday life in the classroom easier

Today I present to you a digital tool that I love, a tool of amazing efficiency and simplicity. ClassroomScreen fits perfectly into your everyday classroom and its all-in-one format will facilitate many facets of your group management.

Podcasts, podcasts, podcasting: the art of never wasting your time again

My enthusiasm for podcasting is proportional to the quality offer which continues to grow and diversify. There is a real boom in the world of podcasting at the moment and I see that the education community is doing very well with excellent content, each more relevant than the last. 

Sexuality education: tools to talk about it

Sexuality education in schools has become a hot topic again these days. The subject continues to polarize public opinion, while more and more educational initiatives are emerging to equip teachers.

Top 5: Creative tools in an educational context

Never two without three: the École branchée presents its third “top”, this time focusing on digital tools facilitating creation in an educational context. Quizzes, surveys, videos, slideshows, images, web pages or digital books - these are as many creative possibilities as they are learning contexts for students and their teachers.

Top 5: Language learning

Thing promised, thing due: here we are at our second "top" of applications or websites which have stood out and which facilitate teaching in the digital age, in particular thanks to their added educational value, their targeted feedback or their adapted interface. This time, it's time for languages.

Top 5: Programming in preschool and elementary education

As you all know, the approach of a new year is often synonymous with reviews and retrospectives. In these times of merrymaking and well-deserved festivities, the École branchée therefore offers you various applications and websites that have stood out for their added educational value, their targeted feedback and their adapted playability.

From EDpuzzle to Mindstamp, create your own interactive videos

This week in Mr. Laflamme's fiery finds: an overview of two essential tools for using video in an educational context and diversifying your teaching.

Paid padlet? Long live Middlespot!

Virtual wall applications are very popular with teachers, and for good reason; links, texts, photos, videos, files or documents, everything can be deposited on these online whiteboards which allow the most effective collaboration.