learning disabilities

Dys disorders, 10 years after the introduction of technological aids

Ten years have passed since the introduction of technological aids and it is clear that the situation has changed a lot for students with learning disabilities, more specifically dys disorders. In this dossier, we present an inventory of resources, in addition to giving examples of winning practices for teachers, students and parents.

Supporting learners with dys disorder: a new training from CADRE21

CADRE21 has recently offered a whole new training course, Supporting learners with dys disorder, which will allow education stakeholders to familiarize themselves with this dimension relating to learning disabilities, in order to better support learners during actions. concerted within the school framework.

Learning Disabilities Institute Annual Meeting - A Whole Village… More Than Ever

The 46th Annual Meeting of the Institute for Learning Disabilities will be held from March 24 to 26. As part of this event, more than 120 conferences will be offered on a variety of hot topics, including resilience, collaboration and inclusion.

Call for Content - Ontario Teachers

Call for Content - AT @ School is looking for presenters and content for educational professionals who work or advocate with students with learning disabilities.

École branchée launches a special issue produced with the Institute for Learning Disabilities

École branchée has launched its special issue 'Towards Inclusive Education', which brings together leading authors in the field of inclusion of people living with a difference, as well as expert perspective on how technologies can increase the capacity of the education system to meet the needs of all students.

Giftedness: avenues to promote the development of the full potential of gifted students

Presented in the context of the International Congress on Learning Disabilities, this article addresses the subject of the impact of giftedness on students and suggests ways to support them and promote their full development.

New free special edition on learning disabilities

The École branchée offers a new and improved version of its special guide on learning disabilities. Free to download!

A Symposium for Parents for Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

The Institute for Learning Disabilities is taking advantage of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month to raise public awareness of this cause, which affects one in ten people in Quebec.

Recognition and speech synthesis software in education

Software that transforms a text into an audio message and, conversely, an audio message into a text, offers important possibilities in education. Here are...

Symposium for parents on learning disabilities

On November 5, the Institute for Learning Disabilities is holding its 4th conference for parents of elementary, secondary or college children. It aims to inform and provide tools to better help children achieve success.