Why are some teachers more comfortable than others with the use of ICT to support teaching?

Why do some teachers let their students use ICT in the classroom more than others? And why do some participate more in professional development activities covering the use of ICT? The OECD suggests possible answers in the light of the results of the most recent international survey on teaching and learning (TALIS).

Technologies, programming and innovative projects with Manon Légaré

A teacher at the Prés-Verts school, Manon Légaré has contributed for several years to the integration of ICT in primary school.

A new association between TECHNOCompétences and Mon Avenir Ti to raise awareness among more young people about careers in technology

TECHNOCompétences is partnering with Mon Avenir Ti to organize high school tech tours in the Capitale-Nationale region.

UNESCO recommends teaching ICT in schools

Following the International Conference on ICTs and Post-2015 Education held last May, UNESCO is proposing an international action plan for the integration and development of ICTs in education by 2030.

(Spelling file) The best of ICT to the rescue

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Spelling: when writing without making mistakes becomes child's play!

According to an OQLF report, if the spelling assessment criteria were eliminatory during the single test in French in Secondary V, about half of the students would fail. Here are some ideas and resources, for the classroom and the home, to take on this challenge!

Engagement and the technological myth in the classroom

Many people in the school community believe that students are very engaged when they use technology. However, are they really engaged in the task, or are they just excited by the novelty? Here are different avenues of reflection on the question.

International report shows Canadians are adapting to the digital skills age

A major international survey released today by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that Canadians are increasingly embracing information and communications technologies (ICTs) and that they are positioned for 21st century society and economy.

ICT in science, essential to compensate for the lack of resources

Some time ago, we invited teachers to tell us about their use of ICT in the classroom. Haddadi Mohamed, a teacher in Morocco, tells us about the advantages he finds there in his science education.

2 reasons that could make your technological integration fail

What do you think are these reasons? Despite all the goodwill in the world, integrating ICT into schools requires meeting financial, technical, human and educational challenges. Are you ready (or were you)?