Separate the false from the true

A geopolitical science teacher at Collège Beaubois carried out a project with his students to unmask false news. The program Les Décrypteurs also broadcast a report on this subject on March 6.

A Quebec – Belgium educational exchange in a social universe in high school… at a distance!

High school social teachers Laurent Di Pasquale (Belgium) and Mathieu Mercier (Quebec) are preparing to experience a transatlantic collaboration project with their students around the Netflix documentary on the effects of social networks, “Behind our smoke screens” . Here is what it is and how they are preparing!

To discover: Entre2classes, for your telecollaboration projects

Entre2classes allows you to find partner classes for telecollaboration.

Guide dog for social media education

Mervill is a royal poodle who acts as a guide dog for his “daddy”, who is both deaf and blind. Together and with the support of the school telecollaboration site Prof-inet, they wish to develop a project combining, among other things, social media education and psychoeducation.

It's a small world after all!

(previous section) Disney probably couldn't imagine how small the world really was when they chose this now famous ritornello. More ... than...

Schools without borders… or almost!

A joint file from Infobourg and Carrefour education. Will the school of the future still have walls? Either way, today's school walls are less and less of a barrier to discovery, learning and collaboration. Not only does the Internet provide access to a phenomenal amount of information, but web 2.0 also allows enriching exchanges.