educational technology

My tool is better than yours

With all the choices of technological tools available to us, it's easy to get lost. In fact, every tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and, no, there isn't one better tool than another. Here are some ways to make a choice according to YOUR reality.

CHAPO to three ICT enthusiasts

The École branchée met the three 2019 CHAPO award recipients, Marie-Ève Gagnon, Valérie Cadieux and Brigitte Besnard.

AQEP conferences: when digital technology is a lever for learning at the primary level

On the occasion of the AQEP conference on the pedagogical integration of technologies in elementary school, more than 50 participants met with the common objective of using digital technology as a lever for learning.

Technologies in the classroom: most useful and least useful, according to teachers

A survey of 1,300 teachers reveals their preferences for using technology for teaching and learning. Do you agree with these choices?

Projects and ideas in educational technologies: the financiers are starting to believe in it!

Good ideas in educational technology often come up against one problem: funding. In many cases, investors find these projects too risky financially or deem them insufficiently profitable. Is this era about to change?