Times are changing ... and so are teachers

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Times change ... and so do the equipment

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Times change ... and so do the students

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Times change ... and constraints remain

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Times are changing ... and everyone must do differently

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Technology step by step

Guiding teachers step by step in order to help them integrate technologies into their teaching is the objective of the ETAPe project set up by the Franco-Ontarian Center for Educational Resources (CFORP). The project arouses so much interest that the center does not meet the demand!

TBI: the importance of training

An interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a bad investment if it is not accompanied by training allowing the teacher to adapt his pedagogy, according to Nadine Tanguay, consultant for the pedagogical development of IWB at the School Board. Chemin-du-Roy.

Interactive whiteboards are popular with… executives!

The interactive whiteboard is a popular and particularly interesting tool to help boys and students in difficulty, believes the Association des cadres scolaire du Québec, which organized a press conference on the subject last week.

Teaching with a TBI? And then after?

The massive arrival of interactive whiteboards (IWB) in the classroom is transforming teaching practices. Where are the teachers at the start of the 2011 school year with regard to the use of the IWB in the classroom? Educational advisers France Leclerc and Sébastien Deschamps proposed several concrete ideas to equip them at the RÉCIT national meeting, held from October 3 to 5.