A THÉ.BI Café to bring inspiring ideas to life

Remaking the world at a table in a cafe, the idea is not new. At the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board, the educational and technological world is being reinvented at Café THÉ.BI.

Tablets and TBI at the Sorel-Tracy CS: integration is going well

The deployment of technology for the classes (iPad and TBI) is going well at the Sorel-Tracy School Board. This is what has emerged recently in various media. Overview.

The pedagogy of "obstinacy" in an ultratechnological classroom

This year, Dalbé-Viau high school launched a computerized learning enrichment program (PEAi). This ultratechnological project was presented at the 30th AQUOPS conference.

Books to better use your IWB on a daily basis

By 2016, the majority of classrooms in Quebec will be equipped with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) thanks to the government's “School 2.0: the connected classroom” measure. The challenge of appropriating the tool and its pedagogical integration is very real. In this perspective, a new collection of books could provide good support for teachers.

Two books for trendy teachers

Information and communication technologies, commonly known as ICT, are increasingly present in the classroom. They will be even more so with the proliferation of interactive whiteboards in schools. Chenelière Éducation has therefore just launched two volumes intended for teachers who are connected… or in the process of being!

TBI: around fifteen certified companies

Fifteen companies have been selected to provide interactive whiteboards (IWBs) to schools in the province for the next three years, following a call for tenders that ended on October 21. .

Times are changing ... and IWBs are raining

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Times are changing ... for the better

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Times are changing ... and the criteria must be redefined

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The ABCs of digital textbooks

If paper textbooks rhyme with green board, digital textbooks are beginning to rhyme with interactive whiteboard. In classrooms as in publishing houses, there is a lot of discussion about this transformation of teaching material. Is this the start of a new era?