Turn a flat screen into an Android tablet

Tablets and interactive whiteboards have made their way into education. However, their acquisition and maintenance cost poses challenges in certain environments. Many will therefore be happy to know about this new possibility of transforming a television or a flat screen monitor into a tablet or interactive whiteboard!

The IWB: a real educational potential, but many challenges to overcome

In a context where, for almost five years, interactive whiteboards have been implemented on a massive scale in most schools in Quebec, the Canada Research Chair in Technologies in Education has carried out a study aimed at identifying the uses as well as the advantages and challenges of its use.

5 types of TNI use in Quebec schools

On February 4, Ghislain Samson and Sonia Lefebvre, professors at UQTR, presented the results of their research on the impacts of using the interactive whiteboard. What are the teaching practices of primary and secondary school teachers who integrate it into their teaching? This is what their study wanted to detail.

The interactive whiteboard: an asset for today's classroom

Although no digital tool in education is completely unanimous, the interactive whiteboard continues to seduce classes from here and elsewhere. It allows daily contact with ICT, in addition to facilitating the safeguarding of collective work and promoting student motivation.

Preliminary results of a research on the collaborative use of TBI in presco and undergraduate studies

Advantages in the mastery of the language, in the development of autonomy and in the mastery of ICT among preschool and undergraduate students have been noted, so far, in a research by professors associated with CRIFPE on collaborative use of the TBI.

Demystifying copyright applied to digital works in education

Permitted, not permitted? Fair use? TBI / TNI / tablets? Lost in copyright jargon? Here is a file which, we hope, will help you to see more clearly!

Teaching made easy with the interactive whiteboard

Like almost all schools in Quebec now, Otapi high school in Lanaudière is equipped with interactive whiteboards. Teachers explain the many benefits they see in it.

The CFORP launches the "TBI in the digital age" competition

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Franco-Ontarian Center for Educational Resources (CFORP) is launching an award to recognize innovation in Canadian French-language schools. This year, resources for TBI are in the spotlight.

AQUOPS 2013 - Minister Marie Malavoy visits delegates

The visit of the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport of Quebec, Ms. Marie Malavoy, marked the conclusion of the 31st edition of the AQUOPS annual conference, which was held from March 26 to 28, 2013 in Quebec.

New in the interactive whiteboards folder

(Update) Barely two weeks after the conclusion of the 2nd call for tenders concerning the massive equipment of Quebec classrooms with interactive whiteboards, the new Quebec government announces a reflection on the future of the program. According to the exclusive interview carried out with the Minister of Education by the daily La Presse, it would seem, however, that this call for tenders is maintained, the time to make a decision for the future.