Give the Maker Space an ecological mission with the FIX movement

Discover the fixer movement, a learning philosophy that helps develop resourcefulness while making young people aware of the concepts of ecological footprint, consumption and planned obsolescence. 

The clash of generations to guide our interventions

In a conference presented as part of the Les Tablettistes event, Carol Allain invites us to take an interest in the particularities of different generations in a context of educational change.

Virtual reality in your classroom!

Virtual reality in your classroom… it's coming very soon! You can even already integrate it, at low cost, into an incredible number of educational activities ...

Virtual reality, dream or reality in education?

Virtual reality makes it possible to recreate various environments as well as experiences that students could not have otherwise. Feedback on the Les ...

Can creativity be taught? 5 steps and 3 filters of the creative process

Creativity, maybe not, but the creative process, yes! Gillian Farabee, from Cirque du Soleil, explains how to inspire many classes!

Tablettists: design thinking, virtual reality, creation

Rethink and capitalize on the potential of learning in the 21st century and the 4th revolution. 4th edition of Tablettistes, January 6, 2017 in Ottawa.

Contest: win your tickets for Les Tablettistes!

The École branchée and Groupe Média TFO / IDÉLLO are offering 2 tickets to participate in the 2017 Les Tablettistes conference, which will take place on January 6 in Ottawa.

Classrooms without a teacher for 2020?

The Tablettistes conference today explores the challenges of learning in the 21st century. Follow the #innovtfo tag on Twitter.

"Tablettists" Will Explore the Future of Education in an Interconnected World

TORONTO, Feb. 2016 / CNW / - How do students learn in an interconnected world? How can we harness the potential of technologies to build ...

The Youtube phenomenon: from fascination to education

Get 20 % off when you register for Les Tablettistes 2016, February 17 in Toronto. Find the discount code here ...