Neuroscience applied to learning sequences

Here is a summary of the 7 neuroeducational principles that are at the heart of a book written by Steve Masson, Activate your neurons to better learn and teach. Enough to help your students in their learning!

Schools at the heart of Quebec's digital strategy

According to Thèrèse Laferrière, there is no doubt that Quebec schools must be placed at the heart of Quebec's next digital strategy.

Peer tutoring: a winning approach for all!

In order to support students who are experiencing certain difficulties, Collège Bourget has set up the CAP, the Peer Help Center. This is a project in which the fourth and fifth secondary students help the first, second or third secondary students.

Team performance goals to help the weak third

Teachers from Collège Sainte-Anne share their winning strategies to support their so-called “weak third” students, without lowering their expectations of others. Today, we are discovering the strategy of Marie-Hélène Simard, a secondary 5 math teacher.

How to help the weak third? Winning strategies!

At a recent professional development activity at Collège Sainte-Anne, teachers were asked to reflect on their less traditional ways of supporting their students, and then attempt to communicate them to their colleagues in all subjects who expressed their interest.

(Spelling file) How to learn for a long time while having fun?

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(Spelling file) The elements to observe

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Two strategies to improve reading in elementary school students

In recent years, studies have shown that Quebec students are lagging behind in reading compared to those in other provinces. Fortunately, the situation is improving, according to other studies! Question of doing our part, here are 2 strategies for improving reading.

The crazy dictations of Mr. Stéphane

The teacher notes 9 writing failures out of 24 students at the first stage. He analyzes the situation and is busy devising a new method to make learning new words more meaningful and motivating for his grade 6 group. From there are born the crazy dictations, where pride, pleasure and physical activity come together!