Digital education summit

GRICS digital intelligence platform deployed in Quebec's school service centers

In recent months, school service centers have seen the emergence of two new products related to the data management platform Mozaïk-Data of Société GRICS. Based on artificial intelligence, they are intended to facilitate decision-making within school organizations, especially to identify more quickly students at risk of failure or dropping out.

NAO, a promising humanoid robot tested in Quebec schools

The NAO robot is tested with students with an autism spectrum disorder, in special education, as well as for learning programming.

3 obstacles to change in education

The president of the Canadian Education Association notes 3 factors that stand in the way of change in education: aging, structure and mentality.

Experience virtual reality in the classroom

Virtual reality is knocking on the doors of our classes. Report of a workshop on the subject at the last Summit of the iPad and the digital in education.

Web radio: a trendy way to work on oral in high school

A real audience and the use of ICT to perfect their oral skills, you had to think about it! Back to the presentation of the teacher Sébastien Verbert at the last Summit of iPad and digital in education.

Thought and digital: what relationships?

At the last iPad and Digital Education Summit, held in Montreal on April 30 and May 1, Mr. François Guité gave an interesting conference on the theme “Thinking and digital: what relationship? ". See some notes for those who weren't there and a lot to think about ...

3rd iPad and digital education summit: call for papers

On April 30 and May 1, 2015, the 3rd Francophone Summit of the iPad and Digital Education will be held. The organizers are currently welcoming communication proposals until November 16.

Is the iPad a safe device?

This is the question answered by Moussa Traoré, from SOFAD (Distance Learning Company of Quebec School Boards), as part of his conference on the subject, on the occasion of the 2nd Summit on the iPad in education in early May.

Kindergarten apps-books: a multisensory experience

At the last iPad in Education Summit, Lynda O'Connell and Pascale-Dominique Chaayez, from the RÉCIT National Preschool Education Service, shared the advantages and winning ways of using app-books, these interactive books on tablets, with young people.

2nd Francophone Summit on the uses of the iPad in education and International Symposium on technologies in education, May 1 and 2, 2014 ...

Today and tomorrow are being held the second Francophone Summit on the uses of the iPad in education ( and the 2nd International Colloquium on ICT in education: assessment, current issues and future perspectives (