Digital education summit

3 strategies for developing citizenship in the digital age at school

At the opening of the Digital Education Summit, Alexandre Chenette, Annie Turbide, Marjorie Paradis and Alexandre Lanoix proposed three strategies for developing citizenship in the digital age at school. We present them to you.

École branchée at the Digital Education Summit

Another great week is on the horizon for the École branchée team as the 10th Digital Education Summit takes place on May 5 and 6 at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. Yes, yes, another event in attendance! Here is where you can find us!

Demystifying virtual reality in the classroom

The educational team of the Laval School Services Center presents the Extended Reality website, which contains a multitude of resources demonstrating that it is possible to carry out very simple virtual reality projects with students.

Les #Édubrèves - Super Expo-Sciences and other events

What are you doing this weekend? Take a few minutes to encourage the young people who participate in the Quebec final of the Super Expo-Sciences Hydro-Quebec. Then plan your next week with our multiple proposals for activities and events for you and your students. Here are your #Édubrèves!

The 8th edition of the Digital Education Summit will be held on April 30 and May 1, 2020 in Montreal

By registering now and before January 24, 2020, participants benefit from a discount of 35% on registration fees.

Learning with digital

We discuss educational innovations, learning and technologies with André Tricot, professor of psychology at the ESPE in Toulouse and opening speaker at the last Digital Summit in education.

The program of the Digital Summit is online #sommet19

The organizers of the 7th Digital Education Summit remind us that the full program is now online.

Kits to develop digital literacy

We met Patrick Giroux, professor of educational technology at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. He talks to us about the development of knowledge and skills of young people in relation to the adequate and judicious use of digital technology.

Marydotcom, the YouTuber who shares her life as a teacher

We met Marie-Florence Legault, elementary school teacher and YouTuber (marydotcom) who opens the door to her class on the Web to share moments from her teaching life.

The journey of a new teacher: from university to the classroom

Our interview with Eryka Desrosiers, teacher, author of "Diary of a new teacher, from university to the classroom" and producer of the podcast "A Teacher's Shoes / Souliers de prof". She talks about integration into the teaching environment and the use of technologies with students.