Testimonial: Digital technology to adopt a posture aimed at universal pedagogy

Véronique Chouinard, BÉPEP student at Université Laval, presents a reflection on how teachers can take advantage of the accessibility of digital tools and use them effectively as a means of learning?

International Sketchnote Day: An opportunity to challenge

On this International Sketchnote Day, our collaborator presents you with available training courses to get started.

Reflection on the learner position

Learning is a word that we hear more and more in speeches and in circles. A teacher can now position himself as a learner. But concretely, what is it? What do we have to gain from it?

Sketching, to make thinking visible! (Rediffusion)

Introduction to croquinote, a cross between drawing, concept map and traditional scribbling on a corner of a placemat! It uses creativity to give meaning to the concepts learned, making note taking and consulting them particularly enjoyable!

Fires in California: an unprecedented disaster

The drought has been raging in California for several years now, but in 2020, the situation is on an unprecedented scale. This western American state is currently accumulating more than 20 fires and the fire has consumed more than 10,000 square kilometers this year, a record since these data were compiled. Zoom on the impact of major fires on the Californian population and on the causes / consequences of deforestation.

I sketchnote, you sketchnotes… you sketchnoterez!

What I like most about the CréaCamp training offered by the École branchée is the tolerance that I have to develop in the face of my educational discomfort. What a privilege to give yourself time for creation! This is what I experienced, once again, during Marie-Andrée Ouimet d'EscouadeÉDU's workshop on the sketchnote.

Vaccination: science versus belief

A disease that has been eradicated for several years, measles, is creating a public health problem in the United States. Indeed, New York City has ordered vaccination against a recent measles outbreak since 700 cases were reported in a matter of weeks. The sharing of wrong facts, fake news and disinformation are said to be at the center of this most recent epidemic. A look at one of WHO's greatest enemies: mistrust of vaccines.

3D printing of a heart: when technology and biology unite for the future

On Monday, April 15, 2019, a team of Israeli researchers announced that they had 3D printed, from cells from a patient, the very first heart with its blood vessels. Insights into a scientific revolution: bioprinting.

The Rocketbook: a techno and green notebook

Technopedagogical enthusiasts would like to be able to use digital tools exclusively, but during meetings, it is not always appropriate to isolate yourself behind a screen. Many people also like the freedom to create shapes, arrows and drawings when taking notes. Now there is a solution: the Rocketbook.