Redefining the science lab to provide authentic learning contexts

Dominic Tremblay, an education consultant who taught for more than ten years in a French-language school in the Toronto area, invites teachers to review their definition of what a “science laboratory” is. “You can do science anywhere,” he says.

Young people trust science, survey finds, but situation remains fragile

The Canada Foundation for Innovation, in partnership with Acfas, conducted a survey to find out the perceptions of young Canadians aged 18 to 24 on four scientific issues. The results shed light on the media ecosystem in which young people are immersed and the importance of carrying out awareness-raising activities with them.

Some benchmarks for practicing science and technology outside the laboratory with elementary and secondary students

Although the practical aspect of science and technology to generate learning and arouse curiosity is recognized, it has been undermined with the pandemic. In this text, Geneviève Allaire-Duquette presents certain benchmarks to guide teachers so that they can allow students to continue their practical learning even outside a laboratory.

Microlab ExAO: to visualize science

Professor Nonnon of the University of Montreal has designed a computerized microlaboratory that allows the results of an experiment to be quickly visualized, thus making science and mathematics more concrete for students.

A creative laboratory that comes to life thanks to plants (and that smells good!)

Developing the creative spirit of science students by transforming plants is quite possible. We present to you a project experienced at Collège Sainte-Anne.

Launch of the 61st edition of the Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec

The Technoscience Network and its regional organizations are inaugurating the 61st season of the Hydro-Québec Science Fair.

No more stress about learning science and math

During the CréaCamp on May 17 in Valcartier, we met one of the event's facilitators, Maude Lamoureux, who talks to us about strategies to reduce anxiety associated with learning math and science.

An entrepreneurial project to rekindle the scientific flame

On the occasion of the CréaCamp on May 17 in Valcartier, we met Pierre-Olivier Cloutier and his secondary 5 students from Mont-Saint-Sacrement school who spoke to us about their entrepreneurial outdoor classroom project focusing on collaboration and interdisciplinarity.

Discover the Science Bunker: a team building experience

Do you know the Science Bunker? It's a place to discover! Located in Lévis, this site was designed by Zapiens, enthusiasts convinced that science must be part of the basic education of all Quebecers.

19th edition of “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! "

The annual event “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! »Continues its mission: to help young girls discover scientific careers.