Distance learning: More screen time? Do not panic

With the pandemic, screens have never taken up so much space in our lives (children and adults). Here are some tips for finding a certain balance.

Pupils taking medication at school: an intelligent “pillbox” so they don't forget!

In the era of the smart phone and all these connected objects that make our daily lives easier, our collaborator Marc-André Girard shares one of his recent findings helping to manage students' medication intake when they are at school. school.

Academos shines the spotlight on careers in life sciences and health

Academos launched the third edition of its digital campaign “Vinegar + baking soda, and other more explosive formulas” to demystify careers in life sciences and health while connecting young people with the world of work through virtual mentoring.

Reducing the consumption of candy on Halloween, is it possible?

For children, the Halloween party rhymes with candy picking. However, is it possible to intelligently manage the consumption of candy on this festive day?

A logo to identify unhealthy foods

The Canadian government is considering requiring the food industry to add a logo that clearly indicates whether a product is healthy or not. Could this be the solution to stem the obesity epidemic in North America?

Sugar industry

After tobacco, sugar has become a real scourge in the population. Several diseases and ailments are associated with it such as obesity, diabetes, certain types of cancer, cavities, etc. Since their introduction in the 1970s, sweeteners have never achieved unanimity.

Zika virus spreads quickly

In recent weeks, the media have been talking about the Zika virus which is wreaking havoc in South America. The virus is spreading rapidly and it is now at our doorstep.

Dance like a WIXX is back to make kids aged 9 to 13 dance and move

Montreal, February 27, 2015 - Building on the success of the first two editions, WIXX, Québec en Forme's societal program aimed at ...

Should we doubt the effectiveness of vaccines?

Universal remedy to fight against epidemics, the effectiveness of the vaccine is increasingly questioned. Whether by the WHO itself, or by concerned parents, new vaccines do not always offer the desired protection, and older vaccines are accused of being the source of other infections.

Sow life to give meaning to death

Waiting lists for organ donation are growing in several countries and, with the aging of the population, this situation is likely to continue for a long time to come. Let's see why it is important to be aware of this cause, at any age.