Mental Health

#EduClubhouse, let's go!

The new Clubhouse platform is becoming a new place of networking for players in the education sector. Summary of a first evening of discussions.

Mental health, intangible and so fragile

Testimonial: A teacher of yoga for children wants to learn to take care of oneself part of their learning.

Vicarious trauma in the teacher: preventing empathy from leading to burnout

Teaching is a profession that requires a lot of empathy. Accompanying someone in difficult situations can lead to "compassion fatigue", a phenomenon increasingly recognized among teachers. Here are 4 recommendations to prevent vicarious trauma from turning into burnout.

2021: 7 issues to watch in education

For a third consecutive year, the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) took on the task of determining seven educational issues to watch. Here they are.

Virtual conference on mental health in education

On January 27-28 and 29, 2021, the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) is presenting a conference on mental health in virtual mode, intended for stakeholders in the education sector.

Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert is starting to collect data related to the mental health of its students with the platform.

Press release - In order to support its students, promote well-being and demystify mental health, Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert has implemented the Dis-moi platform for its students in Secondary 1 to 5.

A toolkit for school mental health

The Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation has developed a toolbox to support school staff, parents and their children in developing and maintaining healthy emotional and relational habits in the school environment.

Kids Help Phone offers resources to overcome back-to-school stress

Data from Kids Help Phone shows that one in three young people who use text messages feel distressed about going back to school, the third most common problem after loneliness and mental health. The team has therefore developed a special program, Back to school, which offers many resources, tips and ideas.

#ONecoute consults with Ontario high school students on school mental health

School Mental Health Ontario invites high school students in Ontario to express their views, help improve student participation in school mental health programs, and help develop a provincial engagement strategy of young people in mental health.

Bell Let's Talk: A Golden Opportunity to Destigmatize Mental Illness

On January 31, Bell is organizing a day to support initiatives in the field of mental health. For each social media post tagged with #BellCause, Bell will donate 0.05$ to the Community Fund.